How to unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka

Hi, This is an fully worked and Approved unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka guide. I have personally unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka using this guide. when I bricked my Yu Yureka, then I try so many methods and read lot of guides but I found many mistake them, so I try to make a prefect guide for it and try to provide all required tools and drivers in this guide for unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka.

If your phone in under warranty then you should call customer care and replace or repair your phone.  Here we have Two Methods to unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka. Method 1: By QDLoader 9008 mode (if your device show in QDLoader 9008 mode) and Method 2: By short main board (if your device don’t show in QDLoader 9008 mode).

Preparation of flash or update:

1. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
2. Read all steps then do it careful.
3. Make sure proper power backup of your PC.
4. You need a memory card(16 or 32GB) with card reader

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Download ROM and Tools of Yu Yureka :

Yu Yureka Stock Rom Fastboot imageDownload
Yu Yureka fastboot flashing packageDownload
Yu Yureka eMMC ImageDownload
Yu Yureka eMMC Image writer toolDownload
Yu Yureka USB DriverDownload

Yureka Stock Rom Fastboot image Password:

Method 1: Follow steps to unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka:

Step 1: Download and Extract Stock ROM and fast-boot flashing package of Yu Yureka in a folder, where you want. And Download and Extract Yu Yureka eMMC Image and eMMC Image writer tool.

Step 2: Now insert your memory card in card reader and Quick format with Fat32. Then remove your card and wait at least 1 minute. And insert your formatted memory card in card reader, then insert card reader in your PC USB port.

Step 3: Now install eMMC Image writer tool on your PC and write Yu Yureka eMMC Image to your memory card. After successful write Yu Yureka eMMC Image to your memory card, then remove your Memory card from card reader and wait 2 minutes. Now remove your All sim cards, then insert your Memory Card (eMMC Image) in your Yu Yureka.

Step 4: Now open Stock ROM and fast-boot flashing package folder of Yu Yureka and click on “flash-all.bat” to run it. Now you can see command window, in this command window you will see a message “< waiting for device >”.

Command windows for fast boot

Step 5: Now connect your Yu Yureka in fast-boot mode (Press and hold Volume Up key) with USB cable to your PC or Laptop. The Flashing procedure will start and Don’t disconnect the Yu Yureka during flashing procedure. After finished this process, The command windows is automatically closed.

Step 6: Disconnect your device and remove memory card. Now boot your device by long pressing (approximately 3-5 minutes) the power button.

If this method is doesn’t work on your Yu Yureka then you can use method 2.

Method 2: Follow steps to unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka by shorting:

Step 1: Following steps 1 to 4 of method 1.

step 2: Now open you device back cover and remove back panel screw one by one, then you will see main board like this. (see in this image)

Main board Yu Yureka

step 3: Now tap the point no. 2 and 6 by a wire. (for tap using a wire to short main board points, see in this image) Now Press and hold Volume Up key with tapping both points together, then connect your phone to PC via your USB cable.

Main board Yu Yureka 2

step 4: Now flashing procedure will start and Don’t disconnect the Yu Yureka during flashing procedure. The command windows is automatically closed.

Step 5: Disconnect your device and remove memory card.Now boot your device by long pressing(approximately 3-5 minutes) the power button.

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I hope you like this unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka guide from which you will be able to easily unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

107 response on “How to unbrick hard bricked Yu Yureka

  1. Benji

    ——–Flashing system partition——-
    Target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
    Erasing ‘system’…
    FAILED (remote: failed to remove partition)
    Finished. total time:0.016s
    ——–Flashing data partition ——–
    Target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
    Erasing ‘userdata’…
    FAILED (remote: failed to erase partition)
    Finished. Total time:0.031s

    Is that supposed to happen? ;(

    1. Benji

      The red light indicator does not work anymore either, even if I connect it to the pc.does this mean that it’s beyond recovery? ;(



  3. Johnson

    hi SKyneel,
    thanks a lot for your guide and all drivers and tools..except for official stock rom, everything else was easily downloadable, i tried 1st method, didnt work for my hard bricked yureka, then tried shorting method, it worked.
    God bless you for saving so many peoples money

  4. Rohit

    Bro 2nd method k baad lining start hojati h screen pe and fir pura flash hone k baad bhi pnone on ni ho rha kya kru btao bhai

    1. Naresh Kumar

      Hi Rohit,
      if your Yureka/Yureka Plus going to Fastboot Mode, then it is display Resolution problem. you can flash Rom through Fastboot.
      Your Phone will be Ok.

  5. Sameer

    Agar Hard Bricked Phone Sahi Hone ke bad dubara hard bricked hone par kya is process ko dubara karne se phone sahi ho sakta h ?


    Neither of the method work for me, please tell me what else to do. Need it urgently and one more important question, how to recover memory card which was used to write the eMMC file.
    Thanks in advance

  7. vishnu

    I have unlocked my boot loader on yurek cm12.then I installed twrp and wipe out all the files including system it is in boot loop.should I try your first method or just downloading and extracting stock ROM and running fast-all.bat? If yes provide a link for the same.
    Thank you

  8. saurabh palkar

    this is 2nd time my mob get hard bricked.1st time i follow these steps and that time i recover my mobile successfully.but this time i am not able to entering in fastboot mode using 2nd method.i think because of please tell me what to do now????


    Hi I have rooted my yureka with twrp recovery and supersu. Finished the rooting successfully but the message popped up for super su update binary and the phone restarted and stuck at cynogen logo pls help. I am on stock rom lolipop 5.1. with cm 12.1
    pls help. I am able to boot in twrp recovery tried wiping catche and factory reset but didn’t work.

  10. Lucky agarwal

    I had tried both the method but still didn’t get fastboot it just vibrate some time when I sort 2 and 6 pin…plz Bro help me in getting fastboot in dead yureka

    1. Manoj Revankar

      Hi Lucky agarwal, did u unbricked your yureke. i’m facing same problem. it vibrates on shorting pin 2 & 6 but nothing happens later.

      1. Nikhil

        Did you short the pins and press volume up key simultaneously and while doing the above connect usb. You have to do these things together.

  11. Nishant

    You are damn great man. I was about to purchase new phone. Even service centre people was not able to install software in my phone, but you did. Thanks a ton.

  12. unais

    Hey I have downloaded all those files but when I trried to copy the eMMC image file to sdcard… is not copy to my sdcard……it shows”size too big”…… What should I do ..pls reply me fast

  13. Saurav Gupta

    plz help…by method 2 my device is in fastboot mode….but cmd says waiting for device….plz help me out

  14. Dibyendu Dam

    Thank You very much for your article. Very helpful. I have unbricked my Yu Yureka. It will be very helpfull if you add some optional steps for Yureka driver installation.

      1. Prathap Jose

        I too have the same problem. i tried so many times. after shorting 2 and 6 points nothing happens. Help me….

  15. MANISH

    Hi dost ,
    I have done all the process as u defined above .now yureka has os but my problem is related to soft brick.i had installed mi ui 8 on my yureka one day i switched off it i tried to restart it but it was automatically restarted from the yu logo.
    But my yureka was still able to go recovery mode and fastboot mode too i had been try to flash many cm os in it but problem begun same but now i have installed cm 12.1 but it can not work properly my. Yureka is not able to play music or video there is no connection with sound ,mic and earpiece.
    I have lost my imei too what sould i do to solve all these problem?

  16. hamza AndrOmadE

    hello sir, my yu yureka is hardbrick only charging light is glowing red and I have used your method twrp for reviving my yureka but its not working… First of all I can’t boot in fastboot mode after sorting the pins please help I am using 32gb memory card for emmc….

  17. Shailesh vyas

    Hi Abhishek,

    I was trying to flash my Yureks with CM13 and tried to flash via fast boot, at first after flashing phone started but screen was flickering a lot, unable to read and do anything. then I again repeated same steps but after reboot phone was completely briccked.
    NOW I can see only Red LED light while connecting to USB. I have also tried above two steps but still no solution.

    when I performed 1st Method (mention in this post) , write eMMC on memory card it is converted to FAT and size is showing 18 mb. is it correct? did I follow right method.

  18. Mark Ohol

    I tried this method with two different PCs but always message pops up with waiting for device and not progressing further. I have installed all the drivers, i.e., QualcommDrv, Android-adb-driver, PdaNetA4150…..Please give a solution as soon as possible.Please contact me on my email I am providing… I am from Navi Mumbai, Vashi.

  19. Narendra yadav

    sir i check method 2 full but my yureka not show fast boot mode i connect 2nd and 6th point many time and follow above prosses but is not show fastboot mode and some time its only vibrate plz sir help me…… mob. 9303030435

    1. Manoj Revankar

      Hi Narendra yadav, did u unbricked your yureke. i’m facing same problem. it vibrates on shorting pin 2 & 6 but nothing happens later.

  20. john

    I tried intstalling all the drivers. but whenever i try to connect my phone through USB i get the error “the usb device you have connected is MALFUNCIONED” can u help me out with this?

  21. Farhan Radhanpuri

    hello sir,
    your guide is excellent. i am able to enter in fastboot mode. but it stuck in fastboot mode after clicking flash all it only shows “waiting for device” .i think there is driver problem. i have tried so many adb drivers and usb drivers. but in device manager it shows “CODE 10” device cannot start.

    every time when i trying to install different drivers for different website it always shows finish successfully CODE 10 device cannot start.

    i have also installed latest android sdk and java but still problem remains the same.

    i think it may be because of USB DEBUGGING MODE disabled due to hard bricked.

    please sir help me i have tried so many guides to resolve this CODE 10 error in adb driver installation.

    please sir reply as soon as possible………

    1. Naresh Kumar

      hi farhan,

      this is a driver related problem, so think you try another PC/Laptop with another usb cable. make sure your cable connected in motherboard usb ports, so more many times drivers not supports so try again with passions. good luck

  22. mayank

    actualyy i flashed the yu yureka with same procedure u said but the phne have same prbm still
    without mmory card its not getting goingbin fastboot not starting

    but with memory card its going in fastboot mode and when i press pwer button yu logo is appear fo 5 sec and then its said low bsttery thts it please help

      1. ankit

        naresh can you help me out.
        how can i short pin no 2 and 6.
        i did the procedure using copper wire.tried to short pin no 2 and 6 but nothing happened.
        suggest me something regarding this issue.

    1. Harsh

      Bro flash stock ROM and then plug in for charge .As soon as it charges for 80percent plug it of and hold power button ..

  23. SK

    Thanks a lot, i recovered my hard bricked yureka from this procedure, but when connected the usb cable to the pc, press and hold the both power and volume up button then short the pin, u will hear the phone detected sound in pc (This worked for me) and after that follow the balance steps.

    Good luck and once again thanks for the author.

  24. Vicky

    Hi Abhishek, just for an clarification will tat pin 2&4 remIn shorted for ever even after device works fine?

  25. Shiva

    Hi Naresh..

    I can able to get into fastboot mode by using method 2.. and I can able to flash using flash all.bat.. after everything completed and rebooted nothing works.. still it’s no display..
    What to do…?

      1. uday kumar

        Thanks naresh,
        i installed device drivers also but it not showing. it shows QHSUSB_BULK in connected devices in windows8. @HARDBRICK yureka

  26. Armaan

    hii !! I am Armaan from Bangalore. Can anyone unbrick my Yu Yureka in Bangalore ? I don’t mind paying a nominal charge for the efforts.. I have tried QFil method but it does not detect the phone as Serial Port. Also i have tried the SDCARD method but that also failed. Honestly, I have been lucky only once to get the phone to FAST BOOT screen but unfortunately nothing happened after that & after some time my Laptop Battery died due to which I could not try any options. I have tried atleast 20-25 times the shorting of pins 2 & 4 & also 2 & 6 I would appreciate some help from anyone in bangalore who could bring it back to life. Armaan @ 99006693599

      1. Lokesh

        Now Phone is Going Fastboot Mode and ill also flash the CM12 but its stuck on YU Logo and when i Press Power Key its Show Low Battery and Phone is Shutdown Please Help Me Dude

  27. ravi rai

    sir pls help my Yureka also flashing this procedure but its gey automatically reboot again and again pls help sir what i do

  28. Dinesh Sharma


    I have tried your second procedure and followed by 4 steps from first procedure.

    After 4 steps I have short the 2nd and 6th point as described in the image and the same time I have pressed the volume up button, With this position I have attached the cable to my pc I released the volume up button and shorten cable from device but now I see the vertical lines on the screen as displayed when screen is broken. But, the is still there, no progress.

    I have detached the cable and pressed volume up button and connected the cable, now screen displayed normally with fast boot mode but driver is still missing, I think. When I tried to press Volume Up & down + power to see boot menu it displays Yu Logo with text “Boot ” and never gets the boot menu.

    I am having much hope in your post and I think you may be knowing this issue. Please help me to come out from this mesh.

    Dinesh Sharma

  29. Yash.c

    Thankyou man revived my yureka back thankyou you saved my money alot thanks for detailed info

  30. karan jain

    When i follow this step my yureka show vertical lines… Plz tell me what happning with my phone

  31. Rachan

    Thank you so much sir ….your article was like blessing in disguise….got my yureka back to perfect working condition …thank you

  32. Naman

    excellent post… My phone was continuously booting , I was not able to put that in debug mode and follow some other posts which provide this info. I went to few repair shop and as micromax is not famous here, no one has clue.. Finally i found your post and trust me i was so releived after seeing my mobile working again.

  33. Jayavel

    Thanks friend thanks a lot lot lot thank you… I got my yureka back to function normally only because of uuuu…

  34. Tameshwar

    thank you sir i have unbrick my yu yureka plus with yur fowlling procedure but after flash complete my yu yureka keep automatic restart itself until i remove my battery sir please help me and state me how to fix it


    Hey! The method 2 is working on my Yu Yureka but the step 4 in that is not working. Flashing procedure is not getting starts in Yu Yureka. Please help me if you have any suggestion.

    1. Naresh Kumar

      hi sumit anand

      this method is working properly, please check your downloaded Rom, Flashing package and eMMc back up.
      read all steps carefully and try this is working.i think you missing some steps.

  36. Siddhartha Sharma

    Hello Sir For Your Help I Able To See Fastboot In My Screen But When I Click Flash all.bat it show waiting for device i think driver problem but which driver should i install that i able to flash cm12.1 fastboot package plz reply sir


    Thanks for your help..
    With ur help I am able to see fastboot screen in my yureka.
    But after clicking on flash_all.bat it shows only waiting for device…
    My device is not listed in device manager also..
    When I connected my friend’s yureka in fastboot mode his phone was being shown as Android Device.
    Plz help…

  38. Tushar

    hey,any one pls help me im stuck up at fastboot mode. where the phone doesnot gets into fastboot mode it stucks wid the red light.. i tried pressing volume up button but then screen goes blank it doesnot shows anything and the fast boot logo also doesnot appears.. any one pls help me out

  39. Bhadru

    It worked.. Thanku sooo much sir. This article was a lifesaver :D . I dont know how should i mention you the thanks, i cant even now recover from the shock of hardbricked yureka..


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