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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 29 November 2020 – Win Apple iPhone 12

Amazon Quiz Answers 29 Nov 2020 daily contest is live now, So play Amazon Today quiz and win Apple iPhone 12. Daily Amazon Quiz contest has five questions, and Skyneel provides fastest Amazon quiz answer. Play Amazon quiz answer today and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 29 November 2020

Today’s Amazon quiz Prize – Apple iPhone 12
Amazon quiz time – 8 AM to 12 PM
Quiz date – 29 November 2020
Winners declare on – 1.00 PM Daily

Amazon Apple iPhone 12 Quiz Answers 29 November 2020

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Question 1. As of November 2020, ‘One Rank One Pension’ scheme in India benefits which of the following groups of people?
Answer:- Armed Forces Veterans

Question 2. Which popular app recently launched UPI payment services in India in November 2020?
Answer:- WhatsApp

Question 3. Known in Turkey as Ege Deniz, this arm of the Mediterranean Sea is in the news for a natural disaster. Which sea is this?
Answer:- Aegean Sea

Question 4. Which of these games is most likely to be played using the objects shown in the picture?
Answer:- Poker

Question 5. Which of these actors is known for voicing this character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Answer:- Vin Diesel

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₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 28 November 2020

Question 1. Which organisation recently launched new platforms to facilitate cybercrime related communication among law enforcement agencies?
Answer:- Interpol

Question 2. OWNDAYS, a Japanese brand who has recently forayed into India with a series of retail stores, sells which of the following?
Answer:- Eyewear

Question 3. Which country’s parliament appoints the committee that selects the winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Answer:- Norway

Question 4. What is the total number of dots that are there on both the dice?
Answer:- 42

Question 5. This delicacy is eaten so quickly that in local language its name means “flash of lightning”. Name it.
Answer:- Eclair

₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 27 November 2020

Question 1. Prince Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa, the world’s longest serving prime minister, recently passed away. He was the PM of which country?
Answer:- Bahrain

Question 2. What name is given to the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow?
Answer:- Sputnik V

Question 3. The 2020 film Ammonite is loosely inspired by the life of which British palaeontologist, played by Kate Winslet?
Answer:- Mary Anning

Question 4. In which city is this landmark with an alliterative name located?
Answer:- New York

Question 5. In some places, this food item is known by a name associated with which of these German cities?
Answer:- Frankfurt

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quiz Answers 26 November 2020

Question 1. Which airlines recently launched India’s first-ever seaplane services?
Answer:- Spicejet

Question 2. Which of these teams recently beat Germany 6-0 in a UEFA Nations League match?
Answer:- Spain

Question 3. President Martin Vizcarra was recently impeached by Congress in which South American nation?
Answer:- Peru

Question 4. This is the entry to which famous monument?
Answer:- Taj Mahal

Question 5. Which of these is an apt term to describe what is shown in the visual?
Answer:- Hobbit Hole

₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 25 November 2020

Question 1. Char-chaporis are shifting riverine islands of the Brahmaputra located in which Indian state?
Answer:- Assam

Question 2. In 2020, who became the first bowler to pick up a wicket off the first ball in an IPL final?
Answer:- Trent Boult

Question 3. Alu, Bittu and Sattu are characters in which recent Rajkummar Rao movie?
Answer:- Ludo

Question 4. These objects are used to do what kind of activity?
Answer:- Surfing

Question 5. In which city also known as the ‘Blue City’ is this picture taken?
Answer:- Jodhpur

Amazon Xbox Series S Quiz Answers 24 November 2020

Question 1. Who has been named as the new Ambassador for World Wide Fund (WWF) India’s Environment Education Programme?
Answer:- Viswanathan Anand

Question 2. As per Global Finance magazine, KfW Bank is considered to be the “World’s Safest Bank”. In which country is KfW Bank headquartered?
Answer:- Germany

Question 3. Starlink is a satellite constellation being constructed by which company to beam satellite Internet access across the world?
Answer:- SpaceX

Question 4. These ladies are on a tour of which country?
Answer:- Egypt

Question 5. Considered “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken”, on which mission was this photograph taken?
Answer:- Apollo 8

₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 23 November 2020

Question 1. The 2020 Women’s T20 Challenge played in Sharjah was branded as the ____ Women’s T20 Challenge. Fill in the blanks
Answer:- Jio

Question 2. Who is the Chairperson of the GST Council in India?
Answer:- Union Finance Minister

Question 3. One of the songs from the movie Laxmii starring Akshay Kumar is named after which famous building?
Answer:- Burj Khalifa

Question 4. To visit this place, which country do you have to travel to?
Answer:- Peru

Question 5. These guards protect what?
Answer:- Vatican City

Amazon Apple iPhone 12 Quiz Answers 22 November 2020

Question 1. Sean Connery, who recently passed away, appeared as James Bond for the first time in which film?
Answer:- Dr. No

Question 2. By what name is Jadav “Molai” Payeng, an activist from Majuli popularly known?
Answer:- Forest Man of India

Question 3. The 2022 Cadillac Lyriq is the first electric vehicle from which atumobile giant’s luxury brand?
Answer:- General Motors

Question 4. This is a historical painting from which country?
Answer:- Egypt

Question 5. This installation features the covers of an iconic magazine, whose controlling interest is held by which global media giant?
Answer:- The Walt Disney Company

₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 21 November 2020

Question 1. How do we better know the No. 222 Squadron based out of Thanjavur of the Indian Air Force, the first squadron equipped with the BrahMos?
Answer:- Tigersharks

Question 2. Mesut Yilmaz, who recently passed away, was the former Prime Minister of which country?
Answer:- Turkey

Question 3. Which fintech giant recently announced that it would let users “buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency”?
Answer:- PayPal

Question 4. This iconic monument , gives its name to a movie starring which of these actors of the 50s and 60s, in the lead role?
Answer:- Pradeep Kumar

Question 5. This is a picture of which legendary ship?
Answer:- RMS Titanic

Amazon mCaffeine Skin Care Kit Quiz Answers 20 November 2020

Question 1. What asteroid named for the Greek goddess of the soul do astronomers believe may contain over $10,000 quadrillion worth of metals?
Answer:- 16 Psyche

Question 2. The Sardar Patel Zoological Park is one of the latest tourist attractions in which state?
Answer:- Gujarat

Question 3. In ESG funds, if E stands for Environment, S stands for Social, what does G stand for?
Answer:- Governance

Question 4. A franchise from Mumbai city recently won its ______ Indian Premier League title. Fill in the blanks
Answer:- 5th

Question 5. This fort is located in which Indian city, also known for landmarks such as the Jai Vilas Palace?
Answer:- Gwalior

₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 19 November 2020

Question 1. The upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson stars Colin Farrell as which iconic Batman villain?
Answer:- The Penguin

Question 2. The Maharashtra state government has released INR 57 crores recently for ASHA workers. What does ASHA stand for?
Answer:- Accredited Social Health Activists

Question 3. In a match against Inter Milan in November 2020, which Real Madrid stalwart scored his 100th goal for the club?
Answer:- Sergio Ramos

Question 4. This smartphone is manufactured by a company from which country?
Answer:- China

Question 5. This is a picture of a monument from which city?
Answer:- Aurangabad

Amazon Dyson V10 Vacuum Quiz Answers 18 November 2020

Question 1. Who recently became the first batsman to score 1,000 T20 sixes?
Answer:- Chris Gayle

Question 2. Von Wellx group, who recently started it’s footwear production in India, is from which country?
Answer:- Germany

Question 3. In the movie Chhalaang, Rajkummar Rao plays a teacher in charge of which subject?
Answer:- Physical Education/Training

Question 4. This is a phone brand marketed by which company?
Answer:- Samsung

Question 5. This is the skyline of which city in North America, home to a team which won the NBA title in 2019?
Answer:- Toronto

Amazon Havells Air Fryer Quiz Answers 17 November 2020

Question 1. Which country recently assumed the Chairmanship of International Labour Organisation’s governing body after a gap of 35 years?
Answer:- India

Question 2. Da-Jiang Innovations is a leading manufacturer of what in the world?
Answer:- Drones

Question 3. Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, the world’s longest immersed tunnel, is going to connect Germany with which country?
Answer:- Denmark

Question 4. Which company created this humanoid robot?
Answer:- Honda

Question 5. What is the type of sushi in the front of the picture known as?
Answer:- Nigiri Sushi

₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 16 November 2020

Question 1. The NISAR satellite mission is a joint project between India and which other country?
Answer:- USA

Question 2. Which airline recently broke its own record for the world’s longest nonstop flight?
Answer:- Singapore Airlines

Question 3. Two actresses who played sisters in which movie , would both be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Ludo’?
Answer:- Dangal

Question 4. Who among the following is a two time gold medalist in this sport at the Olympics?
Answer:- Yelena Isinbayeva

Question 5. In which country would you find these famous caves?
Answer:- Malaysia

Amazon Vivo V19 Quiz Answers 15 November 2020

Question 1. NATO member states are set to build a Space Centre at the Allied Air Command base in which country?
Answer:- Germany

Question 2. The recently released book ‘Greenlights’ is an unconventional memoir by which Academy Award winning actor?
Answer:- Matthew McConaughey

Question 3. In which state, at Bum La, has a memorial dedicated to the 1962 war hero Subedar Joginder Singh recently been inaugurated?
Answer:- Arunachal Pradesh

Question 4. The wife of which of these cricketers has been ranked in the world’s top 10 in this sport?
Answer:- Dinesh Karthik

Question 5. This is a cathedral in which city that would remind you of a type of perfume?
Answer:- Cologne

₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 14 November 2020

Question 1. Which country’s first ever metro train service, the Orange Line, has recently started its commercial operation in October 2020?
Answer:- Pakistan

Question 2. If the ‘donkey’ is fighting the ‘elephant’ in terms of symbols used for political parties, which country is having elections?
Answer:- USA

Question 3. Recently commissioned into the Indian Navy on October 22, 2020, what is the name of the anti-submarine warfare stealth corvette?
Answer:- INS Kavaratti

Question 4. In which city is this famous tourist attraction located?
Answer:- Sydney

Question 5. How many times has the Brazil national team won the men’s edition of the World Cup in this sport?
Answer:- 5

₹15,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 13 November 2020

Question 1. Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane has recently been awarded the honorary rank of ‘General’ by which country?
Answer:- Nepal

Question 2. Which site, home to 2000-year-old designs on the ground – known as geoglyphs, was first discovered by a Peruvian aerial surveyor in 1927?
Answer:- Nazca Lines

Question 3. Currently the world’s largest multi-stage lift irrigation project, The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is a project on which river?
Answer:- Godavari

Question 4. Which dynasty built this wall around the border of China in the ancient days?
Answer:- Ming Dynasty

Question 5. Who among these has NOT won a gold medal at the Olympics in this sport in singles?
Answer:- Roger Federer

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Watch Quiz Answers 12 November 2020

Question 1. Which former Australia Test captain recently annouced his retirement from all forms of cricket?
Answer:- Shane Watson

Question 2. Indian origin Wavel Ramkalawan has recently become the President of which country?
Answer:- Seychelles

Question 3. On 19th October 2020, SANT was test fired by the DRDO at Chandipur test range. What kind of missile is SANT?
Answer:- Anti-tank

Question 4. Also mentioned by Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice, what are these boats called in Venice which are a major tourist attraction?
Answer:- Gondola

Question 5. Which famous electrical engineer is known to have fallen in love with such a bird?
Answer:- Nikola Tesla

₹25,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 11 November 2020

Question 1. Who became the first batsman to cross 500 runs in the 2020 IPL?
Answer:- KL Rahul

Question 2. Which technology giant helped set up the NITI Aayog Frontier Technologies Cloud Innovation Center?
Answer:- Amazon

Question 3. Which of these upcoming movies is a remake of the Telugu film
Answer:- Durgavati

Question 4. This is a fishing cat. It is the state animal of which Indian state?
Answer:- West Bengal

Question 5. What is the chef’s hat called?
Answer:- Toque

Amazon Forest Essentials Skincare Quiz Answers 10 November 2020

Question 1. Which Indian state is known for their celebration of Kati Bihu festival?
Answer:- Assam

Question 2. Ravindra Jadeja hit back to back sixes off the last 2 balls, to seal victory for the Chennai Super Kings over which team in IPL 2020?
Answer:- Kolkata Knight Riders

Question 3. Nicolas Cage as Grug, Emma Stone as Eep, Ryan Reynolds as Guy form the cast of which 2020 movie?
Answer:- The Croods: A New Age

Question 4. From where did President Herbert Hoover push a button to turn the lights on for this building for the very first time?
Answer:- Washington D.C

Question 5. What is this type of art called?
Answer:- Graffiti

₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 9 November 2020

Question 1. The Ministry of External Affairs has launched a lecture series named after whom as an introduction to India for foreign diplomats?
Answer:- Sushma Swaraj

Question 2. Succeeding Mustapha Adib, Saad El-Din Hariri has been appointed for the second time as the Prime Minister of which country?
Answer:- Lebanon

Question 3. BepiColombo is an international space mission to which planet?
Answer:- Mercury

Question 4. What is the stick used in this sport called?
Answer:- Crosse

Question 5. In 2014, what technology company named a version of their operating system after the National Park featured in this picture?
Answer:- Apple

Amazon Samsung Galaxy M31s Quiz Answers 8 November 2020

Question 1. Along with France, which nation got re-elected as a co-president at the International Solar Alliance in October 2020?
Answer:- India

Question 2. Which smartphone manufacturer has been selected by NASA to build the first ever cellular network on the moon?
Answer:- Nokia

Question 3. Aishwarya Sridhar,the first Indian woman to win the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, got it for a picture featuring which insect?
Answer:- Firefly

Question 4. Which football club would you witness practicing in this stadium?
Answer:- FC Barcelona

Question 5. What is the official name of the colour of this bridge?
Answer:- International Orange

Amazon Dinnerware Quiz Answers 7 November 2020

Question 1. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani recently inaugurated the longest Bus Rapid Transit System of India in which city?
Answer:- Surat

Question 2. In a first, which country has facial recognition as part of their national identity scheme (through it one can access government services)?
Answer:- Singapore

Question 3. In October 2020 for the first time ever, India started cultivation of which spice in Himachal Pradesh in an attempt to be self-reliant?
Answer:- Asafoetida

Question 4. Which of these countries men’s teams has won 15 Olympic medals and 11 world championship medals in this sport?
Answer:- Hungary

Question 5. Name this animal, which shares its name with a famous brand of car from Chevrolet
Answer:- Impala

₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 6 November 2020

Question 1. Which of these cricketers who has played only a solitary first class game so far, was picked for the Indian T20I squad to tour Australia?
Answer:- Varun Chakravarthy

Question 2. Crucible is the first major original title published by the gaming division of which of these companies?
Answer:- Amazon

Question 3. Ohud Almalki, who now holds the world record for the largest coffee painting, is an artist from which country?
Answer:- Saudi Arabia

Question 4. This monument is found on which denomination of the Indian Currency?
Answer:- 500

Question 5. Unknowingly, Vincent Van Gogh painted which planet in this painting?
Answer:- Venus

Amazon Saregama Carvaan Quiz Answers 5 November 2020

Question 1. Which airline has started serving meals on board an Airbus A380 as a marketing drive, while the aircraft is parked at the Changi airport?
Answer:- Singapore Airlines

Question 2. The word vaccination originates from the Latin word vacca, and reflects the origin of the process. What does the word mean?
Answer:- Cow

Question 3. Of which country was Nursultan Nazarbayev the President from 1990 till 2019 till his resignation?
Answer:- Kazakhstan

Question 4. Which arch-monument is found just opposite this historic luxury hotel?
Answer:- Gateway of India

Question 5. Which virtual assistant would greet you if you were to use this device?
Answer:- Cortana

₹15,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 4 November 2020

Question 1. Carlos Acutis,who died of leukaemia in 2006 aged 15 and has been dubbed by some as the patron saint of the internet , is from which country?
Answer:- Italy

Question 2. National Health Mission of India has recently launched ‘Electronic _________ Intelligence Network (eVIN). Fill in the blank.
Answer:- Vaccine

Question 3. Who recently became the first football player to score in 16 consecutive Champions League seasons?
Answer:- Lionel Messi

Question 4. This animal symbolizes which well-known constellation?
Answer:- Ursa Major

Question 5. On which material did Leonardo Da Vinci paint this masterpiece?
Answer:- Wood

Amazon AO Smith Water Purifier Quiz Answers 3 November 2020

Question 1. Which of these cities has NOT hosted any matches during IPL 2020?
Answer:- Ajman

Question 2. Which sportscar car brand has recently launched a one-off model named Omologata?
Answer:- Ferrari

Question 3. Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is an ongoing dispute between which two countries over a disputed territory in the Caucasus Mountains?
Answer:- Armenia and Azerbaijan

Question 4. Where does the brand that manufactures such pieces hail from?
Answer:- Denmark

Question 5. Which ruler is responsible for the “golden beautification” of this temple?
Answer:- Maharaja Ranjit Singh

₹50,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 2 November 2020

Question 1. Who recently became the first batsman to hit centuries in back to back IPL matches?
Answer:- Shikhar Dhawan

Question 2. Which of these actors is one of the producers of the movie Chhalaang starring Rajkummar Rao?
Answer:- Ajay Devgn

Question 3. Which former model’s bronze statue was recently unveiled in her hometown of Sevniça in Slovenia?
Answer:- Melania Trump

Question 4. What mandatory cloth is used in the making of this flag?
Answer:- Khadi

Question 5. Which car manufacturer accquired this brand of cars in 1998?
Answer:- Volkswagen

Amazon Fujifilm Instant Camera Quiz Answers 1 November 2020

Question 1. The currently under construction 14.15 km long Zojila Tunnel will connect which two places?
Answer:- Srinagar to Leh

Question 2. Who recently claimed the record for reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, in the fastest time?
Answer:- David Attenborough

Question 3. QSD, also known as the Quad is an informal strategic forum between the United States, Australia, India and which other country?
Answer:- Japan

Question 4. Before they started to produce cars, what type of vehicle did this brand manufacture?
Answer:- Tractor

Question 5. Which Greek goddess is this temple dedicated to?
Answer:- Athena

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