How to recover lost notifications on Android phone

Most of time your screen cluttered up with lots of notifications. You can easily close or remove them by swapping to right side. During swapping some important notifications are also removed from your home screen. Here we like to discuss how to recover lost notifications on Android phone.

Notification is a message which you can check to the user outside of your application normal User Interface (UI). If you allow to issue notification then if shows as an icon in the notification bar. You can tap on these notifications to open them. You can get lot of notification from Social networking websites, Emails, Screenshot, messages and many more.

During swapping these notification few imported notification also get swapped. In that situation most of the users want to get back them. A query arise in the mind who could i get back notifications which you accidentally dismissed on Android.

Recover lost notifications on Android phone

How to recover lost notifications on Android phone

If you accidentally lost any unread notification then this guide allows you to easily check and recover Android notification history. Notification log available in most of the Android versions. But if you accidentally lost one or more notification history then you can easily get back all the deleted notification on Android phone. You can take widgets help to get back the remove notification history on your Android phone. To recover lost notifications on Android phone you have to take given simple steps, have a look.

Step 1: After unlock your device long tap an empty area on your Android phone.

Step 2: Now you can view three options Wallpapers, Widgets and Settings. You have to tap on the Widgets option.

Step 3: In the Widgets window scroll the available widgets. Long tap on the Settings shortcut widgets and place this icon at the home screen.

Step 4: When you release your figure your control transfer in the Settings shortcut window. Now you must have to scroll down and tap on the “Notifications” option. You can tap on the Notifications icon from the home screen which allows you to check and recover lost Android notification history.

Once when you are in the Notification area you can easily recover lost notifications on Android phone. You can check the white notifications are active while gray notifications are closed. You can tap on any notification which you want to view. If you accidentally lost all the notifications then you can easily recover lost notifications on Android phone. If you feel that we missed out any important point then write us your suggestion in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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