How to type Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

The Indian Rupee symbol was (₹) released  on 15-07-2010 for the public by the Indian Government. In this post you will see that how to use code and option of word to add the Indian Rupee symbol in Microsoft Word.  Microsoft has released an update for the new Indian Rupee symbol. It is inbuilt in the new version of Microsoft Office like office 2010, 2013 and office 365. This is essential with the aim of the Indian Rupee symbol is shown correctly in the Microsoft Word. If you are not installing this update then install it from Microsoft. We are providing you a link of this update. We need it so many times, it is very simple and easy to insert in our documents.

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Download and Install Indian Rupees update in your Microsoft Office Click here

First Method to type Indian Rupee Symbol:

Use the keyboard shortcut code >>> Press Alt with type 8377 (Alt+8377).


Second Method to type Indian Rupee Symbol:

U+20B9 is The Unicode of Indian Rupee symbol. Type 20B9 code and press Alt key with X (Alt+x) where you want to add Indian Rupee symbol in the word file.

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Third and last Method to type Indian Rupee Symbol:

Step 1: Click on Start button >>> Run (Window key + R) >>> Type the “charmap” command in Run Box >>> OK


Step 2: Open character Map window >>> Now you will see “Advanced View” option >>> click on it >>> In the “Go to Unicode” and type 20B9 in the input box and you will see the Rupee symbol.

Step 3: Click on select and then click on copy and paste this symbol where you want . That’s all.

I hope you like this guide from which you will be able to easily type Indian Rupee Symbol in your documents without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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