Greenify app for slower and battery problem Android phones

Hi, friends billion of users must have to use different companies android smartphone which comes with latest technology and features. There are lot of apps which is available on the internet. These apps are very useful, free of cost and easy to use. Android OS is a great operating system that serves lots of services and features like event, alarm, Google search, Android keyboard and lots of apps (like social apps, antivirus, and lots of tools for daily uses). These apps and features could be great and it gives you a better experience, but it can make slow your device and eat your battery continuously in the background. Today we are going to tell you about slower and battery problem Android in this article. If you liked this article, then you must comment about it.

Most of the Smartphone users must face the problem of slow working and consume lot of battery problem in his daily routine life and companies or other mobile repairing center give suggestion to change the battery or change the smartphone but it is not quite good for smartphone users. So, today we want to know there is an feature or app from which any smartphone users overcome that type of problem and the answer of this question is Yes. With the help of Greenify app you will be able to increase performance of your slow android smartphone as well as increase phone battery performance.

Greenify is the best app for slower and battery problem Android phone like Micromax, Karbonn, Samsung and HTC, because Greenify app increase performance of your Android device and battery. Greenify app helps you to identify and kept the miss-behaving apps into hibernation mode when you did not use these apps, it’s a unique way used to break them from lagging your Android device and leeching the battery. Greenify required ROOT access of your phone. If your phone is not rooted then you can find your phone root guide on this blog click here. This is a free app and you can install this app from Google play store.


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Features of Greenify app:

1. Greenify app stop stubborn background services.
2. Greenify app  stop alarms, which activate background task at specific time.
3. Push is also stop since it would activate background task on your Android phone.

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You can install Greenify app from Google play store App, it is free app: Click here Thanks and Credits: Greenify

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