Quickly Launch apps and contacts with LaunchBoard app

LaunchBoard apps is an important and free to use app for your device. All Android phone users have Google built-in-keyboard in his device. The LaunchBoard apps allows you to quickly launch the apps. It is an efficient method to quickly finding and launching the apps. LaunchBoard app is free to use app which is downloaded from Google Play Store. Read More

How to use DCOUNTA Function in Excel

DCOUNTA function is an important built-in-function of MS Excel. The DCOUNTA function is used to quickly counts non-blank cells within given database. DCOUNTA is a standard built-in-function which is located in Database category in Microsoft Excel. Read More

How to link data between two or more workbook in Excel

Copying data from one workbook and paste to another workbook is an easy task. But copy and paste method doesn’t create a relationship between the source and target file data. You must have to know how could you link data between two or more workbook in Excel. You can easily establish, refresh, remove the link either between two or more workbook or worksheets as per your need. Read More