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How to use the RANDBETWEEN Function in Excel

The Excel RANDBETWEEN function is very popular function which is located in Math & Trig category. Microsoft Excel RANDBETWEEN function is used to returns a random number between the number you specify. This function returns a random number which is between a bottom and top range. The RANDBETWEEN function in Excel returns a unique random number every time when your spreadsheet recalculates with the help of F9 key. Read More

Easy Way to Use OFFSet Function in Excel

OFFSet is an important function of Excel OFFSet function in Excel allows you to quickly return a reference of a given range which is offset from the starting cell or range of cells which is specified by number of rows and columns. There are lot of inbuilt functions which is rarely used by different Excel users. But if you have better command on these functions then you can easily resolve different problems and make yourself as Excel expert. Read More

Lookup multiple columns Value with Index Match Function

To lookup multiple column values you can use INDEX MATCH function in Excel. During using the multiple criteria, you can use an array formula to get the accurate result. In this guide we have to show you strength of Excel Index Match function. Sometime VLookup function does not provide correct result in that situation you have to use Index Match function. Read More

How to apply multiple criteria using match function in Excel

Match function in Excel allows you to search for a value in an array and return the relative position of the item in specific order. Sometime you need to apply more than one criteria in that case you can use Match function in Excel. Excel Match function is an important function which is located in Lookup and Reference category. Read More

Excel Index Match Min to Lookup minimum Value

Finding the lowest value is an important task in Excel worksheet. You can use Excel Index Match Min function to lookup minimum value. If you have large worksheet data in which you want to find the minimum value which match the condition as per your need. There are lot of ways from which you can find out lowest value which match the given condition. You can use Index and Match function along with Min to find out lowest value in the active worksheet. Read More

How to use VLookup with Min Function to get lowest value

If you have a large worksheet data and want to get the lowest value in any column then you must have to use VLookup with Min Function to get lowest value in active worksheet. VLookup function with Min Function allows you to get the lowest value from the list of range. Most of the person have to face this kind of problem but after reading this guide you can easily get the proper solution of your query. Read More

VLookup to return multiple column values

VLookup is an important Lookup and Reference function which allows you to prepare different types of MIS reports. You can use VLookup to return multiple column values at once without any extra effort. During using the VLookup function you must have to again and again type VLookup function to view next column values. But after reading this trick you can quickly view rest of columns values which is based on the lookup value with the help of VLookup function. Read More

How to sort data based on color in Excel

If you want to give decorative look of your active worksheet data then after fill different cells colors as per your need. After filling the color you can easily sort data based on color in Excel sheet. Excel allows you to quickly sorting by cells as per background color or conditional formatting. During filling the data you have to use different format of cell data. You can sorting text, numbers or any other format data as per your need. Read More

How to start sorting data in Excel

Excel allows you to quickly sorting data in Excel sheet to rearrange the unsorted data. After selecting the range of cells or entire worksheet you can sort the data either ascending or descending order. Unsorted data doesn’t give correct look of your active worksheet.  Read More