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OnePlus 3 Price Confusion on Flipkart sales

All those guys who already visiting on the Flipkart website on last Friday are ready to plan for buying the OnePlus 3. The actual price is approx Rs. 27,999 but Flipkart provide this OnePlus 3 smartphone at under Rs. 20000. Which is approx. Rs. 9000 cheaper than the actual price. But as per latest news OnePlus 3 price confusion on Flipkart sales has been resolved. Read More

Top 3 cashless transaction option in India

In present situation in India, when people are having problem of cash as government banned 500 and 1000 rupees notes. There are long queues before bank for note changing and cash withdrawal. Limited cash in hand causing many problems for common people. They have to delay or put on hold many important works because of cash money problem. So in this article we are discussing about all cashless transaction mode. Read More