How to take a backup or restore IMEI Number of Android device

This is a tutorial to take a backup or restore IMEI Number of Android device with video and image guide.

Today we know how to take a backup or restore IMEI Number of Android device . IMEI is called the International Mobile station Equipment Identity. It is very important for identify your phone. When you flash or update ROM of MTK Android phones sometime you lose your IMEI number in this process. In this article you will know the solution of this problem. This guide is only for those phone users who lost their IMEI numbers, it is not for stolen devices.

Every phone have unique IMEI but sometimes mobile phone lost it by some kind of error. Losing IMEI number is a big problem in MTK device like Micromax Canvas 2 A110, Canvas HD A116, Cynus T2 Karbonn and Spice etc. phone. If you lose your IMEI number then you cannot make call by your phone. The ability of calling of your phone will also lose if you lose IMEI number. It is a kind of identity for every phone which is essential for all phones.

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Mobileuncle tool app provide solution of it. But your phone must be rooted. This app has feature of backup/restore of IMEI number of phone. You can download and install MobileUncle Tools app on your Phone. It is a free app. So install and take backup of your IMEI. Note the steps of backup or restore of IMEI number:

Steps to take a backup or restore IMEI Number of Android device :

Step 1: In this process we need to root access of your phone. So First of all root your phone then download and install MobileUncle Tools app on your Phone >>> Now Open Mobile Uncle App >>> Will see a popup tab for permission of Su app >>> Click on “Grant” for giving root access permission to Mobile Uncle App. See in this image:


Step 2: You will see lots of options on your Mobile screen. Now Click on IMEI backup and restore option >>> and you will get four option first option to take backup and save file on phone internal storage and the second option to take backup and save file on your SD card. Third and fourth option for restoring your IMEI number of phone internal storage and your SD card. So click first option to take backup of your IMEI number and save the file on phone internal storage.


Step 3: Then tap OK to confirm your save location >>> Now you will get a popup tab to confirm that your file is saved and you will see your save file name in this message >>> now tap on OK


Step 4: After that quit this app and verify your IMEI backup file from the storage location. You should save this on your Computer also. That’s

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I hope you like this Backup or Restore of IMEI number guide from which you will be able to easily take a backup or restore IMEI Number of Android device without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. Rahul Agrawal

    actually, my phone got bricked . then I went to the service centre to get the software loaded on my phone Micromax E313. After the software is loaded on my phone when I dial *#06# to see the IMEI , a dial up window comes up saying “INVALID IMEI” .

    I haven’t taken the backup of IMEI , but how can I restore it.plz help

  2. dawinder singh

    Imei recovery file show in my sd what can i do.because my phone not showing imei numbers and no network show on my micromax a114.

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      First root your phone then after install Mobile uncle tool and restore it.

  3. josh

    Sir, my carbonn A20 andriod phone gets on with slow Animation .. that take about 10min to complete
    pls help.

  4. Akshay Thite

    Just tell me all step related to restore IMEI no. And it is same as Backup IMEI no.??

  5. tapeshwar

    I have micromax a177 it shows invalid imei problem how can i solve this problem plzz help me

  6. sir kanambiu

    i deleted one of my system apps teleservice.apk my phone has no network or imei code. have tried flashing but wasn’t successful NEED HELP

  7. nitin gupta

    i took backup of IMEI wit mobile uncle tool. all process done. but there is no bachup file in storage.

  8. abhishek verma

    i have a canvas fire 2….no sim is working…imei is not showing…how can i restore my imei again…plz help me..

  9. Malik adeel ali

    Dear Sir.
    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Came from Abroad (CHINA).

    Google was blocked in CHINA thats why Google apps does not working in my Mobile.

    Plz tell me how i root my mobile and all Google apps working in my Samsune Galaxy Note 2.

    Plzz ans me….

    Email :

  10. Mylife Myrules

    Sir mera micromax A106 mobile root hi nahi ho raha he jab se mene lolipop update kiya he

    mene sabhi anroid apps and sabhi PC software se try kar li he

    Main kya karu Sir ?????

  11. Andrew Emmanuel

    please how do i change my sd to read and write and not read only ….could not back my imei up…saying sdcard not found

  12. Amit Goswami

    During installing custon ROM my phone got stuck. so i flashed my phone micromax A110Q but there is no imei numbers shown in phone now. how can i get IMEI numbers back in my phone.

  13. Mukesh Kashyap

    Unfortunately I'am formate my phone mmx unite 2 sp flash tool after that IMEI is not working i'am also pached SAME IMEI but 3G Network is Not working in 3G mode only work 2G/3G mode

    Plz help I have not any Imei backup……….

  14. Parag Jain

    model no. micromax a111 i need a help for creat a backup of imei no.
    in my phone mobileuncle app says no support when i click on imei backup option

    plz help me ….

  15. Tayyab Adnan

    Phone Model : Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
    i tried all version of stock roms.. v1,v2 & v3..!!! plz help

  16. Tayyab Adnan

    I have Rooted my phn, I have imie backup,
    after flashed i unable to restore imei, mobile uncle tool said backup succes but restart the same problem, in about phn showing "Unknown baseband"
    I tried too many tutorilas to restore imei but unsuccesful
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Give me correct solution…!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hasan

      you have to root your phn.then open root browser.then go to root folder/data/nvram.delet this nvram folder.then reboot your phn.

  17. kunal sehgal

    You can update your android version by flashing rom suitable for your device. You only need the device to be rooted and have installed cwm recovery on it

  18. Jitendra Sethi

    hi sir
    i have micromax a92 lite model which is working on android 4.1.2 jelly bean , i want to upgrade it with android 4.2 jelly bean ,
    is it possible if yes then how ?
    please tell me i will be thankful to u

  19. ayesha memon

    need help, i took back up of imei before rom flashing… trying to restore the imei.bak file ….but not working…please help

  20. siva kumar

    hello i got a problem in my samsung galaxy ace s5830i.i forget to backup imei no. when i flash custom rom.after finishing flashing process i lost my imei no. how i restore it???????????????plz help me………….

  21. Jaidev

    Is it a rule the once custom rom is flashed imei are lost.? Where the imei info is stored in the device.? If the imei file info folder is in in stock rom then it must go….. And imei be restored from somewhere? Is it so?

  22. Laksh Shriwas

    hi im not able to find any driver in the device manager after downloading MTKDriverW1152 on the desk top

  23. Bharwad Parth

    Hyy i have updated my gionee m2 to kitkat but after updating i have sim problem it shows that invalid IMEI plz tell me what to do

    1. king of kings badrish

      hi sir i have micromax unite2 a106 during flashinf rom i lost my imei so what to do to get back i tried stock rom also and mtk method also


    I want to Install A custom ROM in my phone. So, I must not lose my IMEI no. S, how Can I do it without losing thw IMEI no of my phone

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author


      I don't suggest you any custom Rom because custom Rom means, Beginning of troubles in your phone.

  25. Pradyumna Sagar

    after flashing stock android 4.4.2 kitkat to my Spice mi506 it is showing invalid imei
    this has happened earlier only when i flashed stock jelly bean but i restored the imei by mobile uncle tools, but for kitkat no method is working, cant edit or copy any files to system oe data or anuy root directory even after rooting. that may by because of security in kitkat please help me to restore the imei.

  26. Kiran Chaudhari

    Hello sir,
    im using micromax unite A106. When i tried mtk engg mode tool, it is saying, "This command is not allowed in UserBuild" . Plzz help.

  27. kunal sehgal

    Hello sir I have lost my imei no. Please help me get back it I have no take any backup of it please help me.
    And I want to know that will it be fix by Micromax service center. My model no. Is Micromax A77

  28. kunal sehgal

    Hello sir I have lost my imei no. Please help me get back it I have no take any backup of it please help me.
    And I want to know that will it be fix by Micromax service center. My model no. Is Micromax A77

  29. Vijay Dev

    Dear Sir, I lost my mobile's IMEI numbers after flashin with custom rom, 3 -4 times. I tried few methods to write imei, but failed. I even forgot to make a back up of my original IMEI using mobile uncle tools.

    Please tell me what I should do to make my IMEI correct again.

    Please Help.

    Thankyou in advance :)

    My Mobile : Micomax Canvas A116

  30. Jackson Jerold

    Respected sir, I have rooted my mobile and flash it by cmw recovery option and update it after i done all this my phone was rebooted several times but not switched on what to do sir pls do the needful

    1. Jackson Jerold

      while i connect usb to my phone it was reboot automatically sir reboot again and again

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      Hi Alim

      Micromax not release KitKat for Canvas 250 till now but you can update your phone with New update of Canvas Turbo click here

      Have a good day

  31. feroz

    Î G0T MÊ$$ÃGe ThÃT ñ0T þ0$$ÎblÊ Îñ ThÎ$ ú$ÊR búÎld. whÎlÊ ú$ÎñG M0bÎlÊ úñÇlÊ T00l T0 wRÎTÊ ÎMÊÎ

  32. Adil khan

    Hlo, Abhishek Sir
    I have a micromax canvas HD. I have lost its IMEI no. i want to restore it using Mobile uncle tool but i had taken its (imei) back up.
    Sir, can you give me the IMEI file. So, that i can restore its IMEI no.
    Sir, please help me i m in big trouble
    Plzzz plzzz help me!

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      Hi Adil

      Read second comment of this post,I was give the processor to restore your lost IMEI number

    2. Adil khan


    3. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      Hi Adil

      don't say sorry but how can i give you, your IMEI number backup file? you can recover your lost IMEI number by follow these processor.

    4. Adil khan

      I follow that processor but nothing happens.
      When i press SEND COMMAND. Nothing happens. I is just at it was.

  33. anubhav yadav

    hello i used custom roms on my micromax a110 plus canvs 2….after that when i locked my phone then iam unable to unlock it nd the brightness of my phone is not decreasing……please help me sir…i used s4 rome

  34. Super Fone

    Sir please rrply i have canvas 2.2 and lost imei showinh invalid
    Also no network
    Please help sir ma phone rooted

  35. Karthikeyan Gnanasekaran

    If i root my CANVAS TURBO for updating rom , After Updating the rom if i unroot my phone means My warranty is claimable or not?

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      Hi karthikeyan,

      if you flash stock Rom on your Rooted phone then warranty come back and if you full unroot your phone by SU app then also warranty come back.

  36. Anurag Bhatt

    I have rooted my micromax canvas 2 plus A110q from mtk droid tools but aftet reboot phone is still not rooted supersu is installed when rooting cant update super su with update fixer imei is lost but i have bakup for that

  37. Abhijeetraje Jadhav

    I want to root ma cell and take back up bit without connection of pc.tell me bro how to do tht

  38. shubham Aggarwaal

    sir there is any another app rather than mobile uncle because i dont want to root my phn

  39. sreekanth

    sir i am facing same problem in xolo q700i …service center saying it will take minimum 7 days…kindly help me to do step by step this

  40. Deeksha Juneja

    to take the backup for IMEI no. from this app…i need to root my phone
    my phone is under warranty, so i dont want to root it…is there any other way to take back up of the IMEI no.
    i need to take its back up because i want to update my phone to 4.2.1 jelly bean
    i have never before done anything like this…so please help me

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      Hi Deeksha

      your phone is under warranty, so go to service center of Micromax they will take 1-2 days

  41. Sathyaveer Karmarkar

    i finished root thanks but just tell me how will i install driver in pc for micromax a116

  42. Thanagaraj Rajendran

    I try to upload the firmware. but i got error on sp_flash tool


    1. Thanagaraj Rajendran

      I Got error given below when i try to install.
      For security, your phone is set to block installation of app obtained for unknown source

    2. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      go to setting then go into security and tick on unknown source

      after then install mobile uncle app

    1. Atharva Dalal

      I rooted my MicroMax Canvas Lite A92 but I don't find difference then regular phone.
      means what should i exactly do with rooted phone. and in my mobileuncle app there are no such option like backup IMEI….. So please suggest me other option

  43. Anonymous

    sir plz help me
    i lost my canvas A110Q IMEI No. by doing flashing rom!
    what should i do?


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