How to fix NVRAM error in all MediaTek devices

Hi, Now we are talking on NVRAM error in Mediatek devices. First of all we know, What is NVRAM error and why is it come in our smartphones and MTK devices. This is WiFi related issue and it shows “NVRAM WARNING err 0x10” massage in the notification-bar. When we are updating Mediatek devices (Micromax, Gionee, Spice etc.) SP Tool gives two option first firmware upgrade , second Format all + Download or Download only Rom.

Firmware upgrade is safe option for our phone update but The most of Smartphone user want to install a fresh Rom, So they have to choose second option Format all + Download Rom. Some time when you are using this process you must be lost IMEI number and get NV RAM error in your Smartphone. In this case you should know, how to resolve NVRAM error? So here is the solution of this NVRAM error.

We are trying to make it easy, firstly we need a rooted phone if your phone is not rooted then click here to find your root guide and root your phone or device. After root your phone we need to install Root Explorer App or Root Browser App from Google play store on your device and download NVRAM Fix zip click here and extract it and also copy this NVRAM folder on the your phone SD Card.

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How to resolve or Fix NVRAM Error:

Step 1: Open Root Explorer App and give it SU permission (see in image 1). We will see root directory and find here Data folder and tap on it for go inside. Now we will scroll and find nvram folder tap on it. Here we will see first folder is APCFG, in this folder we will find APRDEB folder. APRDEB folder have two WIFI file, first WIFI and second WIFI_CUSTOM (see in image 2), here we need to delete both file (see in image 3).


Step 2: Here we have done half process. Now we need to go on SD card and copy both file from NVRAM folder (see in image 4). Now we will go root directory and data folder then APCFG folder and open APRDEB folder and past both file here (see in image 5).

After copy these files, we will select both file for giving permission and tap on setting/menu icon then select permissions option (see in image 6). Now we will see popup of permission tab, see in image 7 and give permission then tap on OK. It’s done, we fixed your NVRAM error, now reboot your phone. If you feel any problem with this guide then watch this video:

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Now turn on and connect WiFi. If your confirmed that your NVRAM error fix then first you should take a backup of your phone or device then after enjoy WiFi. We tested this method on Micromax A300 Canvas Gold and Micromax A110, A120. It is working well on these Smartphones. I hope this guide is easy for you. If you feel any problem then please comment us. Thanks.

13 response on “How to fix NVRAM error in all MediaTek devices

  1. Ishtiaqe

    imei and WiFi mac ID gets erased every time I flash a new Rom. I click on upgrade, not erase and flash. Any solution?

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      Hi Ishtiaqe

      Once you get this issue on your phone then very rest or update, you must be fix very time your IMEI number and NVRAM issue. So you will always find both guide here.

  2. bommagani Vamshi krishna

    Thanks a lot for saying this procedure. My lenovo a7000a has got this issue of this nvram error and can u tell me the process to get my serial no of my mobile I lost that when I updated my lenovo device to 6.0 Android given by the lenovo plz..

  3. ajaz ahmad

    I lost my imei number as well but after restoring my phone it alwaz says nvram error also and imei is no more will u plz suggest me a way to overcome this as i m not able to set imei with any tool bcoz in dual mode setting the setting also didnot highlightthank u


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