How to Enable Auto Correct option in MS Word

AutoCorrect can be used to automatically correct your common spelling mistakes during typing in active document and also changed special symbols like copyright ©, registered ® symbols during the typing from File >>> Options >>> Proofing >>> AutoCorrect options.

Benefit of AutoCorrect

You can easily enable Autocorrect option in ms word. AutoCorrect option is used to automatically correct wrong spelling into right form automatically during the typing. Microsoft Word 2013 AutoCorrect feature corrects typographical error and spelling mistake as they occur. AutoCorrect is also used to apply formatting on few special characters. For eg. If you type (c) it automatically changed to the copyright symbol ©, if you type (r)  it automatically changed to the registered symbol ®  during the typing in active document. Like many of Word’s features, you also able to modify AutoCorrect. You can also allocate any abbreviations to repeatedly typed any names, place or addresses.

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E.g. If you by mistake type “Publisity” Word changes into “Publicity.”

The AutoCorrect feature protects you time from wastage as you are doing work on the active document. This feature is also helps you to reduce any kind of errors that you might otherwise missed from typing. You Must take following steps for AutoCorrect feature in MS Word

Step 1: Click on the File / Office button >>> Click on the Word Options.

Step 2: Click on the Proofing tab >>> Now, click on the Auto Correct Options.

Note: You can also press Alt + T + A (To directly open AutoCorrect dialog box) Step 3: In AutoCorrect Tab >>> in Replace box: Type wrong spelling of any word then With: Type right spelling in with box >>> Click Add button >>> Click OK >>> Click OK.

Note: You Must be turn ON “Automatically suggestions from the spelling checker”.


Now as you type wrong spelling which you have to type in Replace box Microsoft Word automatically correct this wrong spelling.

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How to delete any existing AutoCorrect entry from MS Word:

If you want to remove or permanently delete any existing AutoCorrect entry from MS Word then you have to again follow this given steps:  Click on the File / Office button >>> Click on the Word Options >>>Click on the Proofing tab >>> Now, click on the Auto Correct Options >>> Search then select AutoCorrect entry which you want to delete then press Delete button.

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