How to convert hard copy into soft copy

Many times you have to face this situation that you need the matter which you have in hard copy in soft copy. Like any lesson, notes or some official papers that you have in hard copy but you want them in soft copy so that you can use them through system. Here is guide to convert hard copy into soft copy.

What you do if you face this problem? Will you type all those papers to get them in soft copy? In this article we will see the trick from which you will be able to easily convert hard copy into soft copy with the use of Google Drive. With your Scanner or MFD (Multi-Function Device) you get a software which is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With the help of this software you can easily convert hard copy into soft copy.

As we convert our documents in soft copy with the help of scanner or MDF we save them in image or pdf format. But by using this software you can save your document in text format. You can edit your document as your need and use it wherever you want.

How to convert hard copy into soft copy

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Through net you can also convert your hard copy in soft copy. This function can be done in English, Hindi and many other languages through net. As you see books in digital on net, they have been also converted by Google and other service sites. You can also use this function online and can convert your hard copy in soft copy.

How to convert hard copy to soft copy online

Although you can get OCR software with your Scanner or MFD but there are few people who have scanner or MFD. And only with high branded scanner you get this software. Users who doesn’t have scanner or high branded scanner they can use OCR service online too.

To use Google’s web OCR service user should have Google account. Through Google drive you can convert your scanned documents in soft copy. User should be careful while converting file in Hindi because it converts Hindi file but it changes the places of words, so user have to adjust them properly again.

Steps to use Google OCR:

1. First login to

2. Click on setting button on right side of Google page.

3. You will see the option Upload Settings, click on it.

4. Now a menu box will be opened in front of you, there you see the option Convert Text from Uploaded PDF and Images files, select it.

5. Now click upload button that will you find at the left side of Google’s main logo.

6. When you clicked upload button you will get menu of files, click on Files option.

7. Now a dialogue box will open to upload file, upload your file there which you want to convert.

8. You will see the box which shows file uploading process.

9. Now your converted file is ready to download. Now you can download your file in text format.

10. To download file in text format select File option, then click on More  menu. Where you see the option Download click on it.

11. Before downloading of file you will see the dialogue box of Convert And Download. You can see there the options like HTML, Plain, Text, Microsoft Word Document etc. Download your file in Microsoft Word of Plain Text.

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Now you will get your converted document in text format, you can edit it as your need and use it anywhere you want. I hope you like this post guide from which you will be able to easily convert hard copy to soft copy without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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