How to call block on Android top brand phones

All Android phones have inbuilt call block feature. Call block or call filter feature provides us facility to block unwanted callers and SMS on the Android phone. The procedures are different according to Android phone brand like Samsung, LG, HTC, Micromax etc. I am trying to explain the method of how to block call in the popular Android phone.

Call Block in Android HTC One

Open the menu >>> Go to the Phone app >>> Select Blocked Contacts option >>> Tap on the Add button to add any contact which you want  to block.

Note: Either you can add a contact from the people app or manually enter a number to block.

Call Block in LG Optimus

Go to Settings >>> Call  >>> Call Reject.

Note: If you want to block calls from the contact list then you can create your own rejection list.

How to call block in Android top brand phones

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Call Block in Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Open contact >>> Tap on the Menu button >>> Tap on Add to Reject List.

2.  Open the Phone app >>> Tap on Call Settings >>> Tap on Call Rejection >>> Tap on Auto Reject List option  to open the list.

If you want to block only some of the contact’s numbers, you can remove blocking from the valid phone numbers from the Auto Reject List menu in the Phone app.

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Call Block in Micromax Phone

Open contact app >>> Tap on menu button >>> Tick on checkbox for block incoming calls direct.

I hope you like this guide from which you will be able to easily call block in Android top brand Smartphones without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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