How to auto repeat YouTube video by easy steps

Hi guys, most of the person like to surfing on the Internet many time within a day. They like to use smartphone or Desktop PC or Laptop for surfing on Internet. Most of the person like to search different topics, guide, tips and tricks, download software, audio, videos and many more. Today we have to discuss how to auto repeat YouTube video during surfing on Internet.

YouTube is a free to use video sharing website which allows all his registered on unregistered users to view online videos. If you are registered on this website then you will be able to view, share, upload any videos.

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If you want to watch any specific video then you just put the name in the search button and press enter. You will get list of all related videos, now you can easily watch any required video on YouTube. Most of the time person want to view again and again any specific video. But you know that by default YouTube does not allows anybody to auto repeat YouTube video. There are lot of ways from which you can easily auto repeat YouTube video on your computer, smartphone or laptop.


How to auto repeat YouTube video:

If any registered or unregistered user watch any video on YouTube website, and want to auto repeat YouTube video then you will take few easy steps. Most of the person use horizontal scroll bar to take slider back or forward to easily repeat YouTube video as well as you can also use given third-party services.

Auto repeat YouTube video by third party services:

With the help of given third-party services you will be able to easily repeat YouTube video. You just take few easy steps which is given below:

Step 1: Search and browse any required video on YouTube, or you can also directly fill the URL of video in address bar. For e.g.

Step 2: Now, if you want to repeat this video then take cursor at the beginning of this URL in address bar. Remove few characters from URL of this video up to For e.g.

Step 3: Take the cursor after the youtube and type repeat then press enter.
For e.g.

Step 4: After hit the enter key your video transfer to given link and allows you to repeat required video many time. You also has a repeat counter which shows you how many time this video is watched by you until close the page. You can add required video in your favorites list, click next or previous button to view next or previous videos, pause the running video and many more.

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I hope you like this article. After reading this article you will able to easily auto repeat YouTube video. Kindly share your knowledge with your friends, family members and others. Thanks to all.

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