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How to repair Corrupted MicroSD Cards or Pen drive

Sometime you may lost your important data from MicroSD cards or Pen drive. In that situation most of the person want to know an easy steps to repair corrupted MicroSD cards or Pen drive without losing the data. All we know very well that MicroSD cards and Pen drive are too much popular external storage devices. Most of the person like to store his personal and important data in these external devices.  Read More

How to Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts at your Smartphone

If you have updated Twitter app at phone then you can easily get support to add and managing multiple Twitter accounts at your smartphone. Most of the person have to use his personal along with business Twitter account. Now, they can easily manage both accounts at the same time on his Smartphone. If you don’t have updated Twitter app at your phone then you are not able to add and manage more than one accounts at the same time. Read More

Top 5 common issues that Reliance Jio users still facing

After the arrival of Reliance Jio prime membership plan the excitement has been increased in most of the users. Because they will get prime membership plan only for Rs. 99 , with free calling and more benefits for a year. But in this article we have to discuss few top 5 common issues that Reliance Jio users still facing. Read More

WhatsApp Trick-Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile

There are lot of WhatsApp users around the world. WhatsApp bring different latest features for his registered users. There are lot of visitor check your WhatsApp profile on his smartphone. But we don’t who who viewed my profile on WhatsApp. So, Today we discuss about new latest WhatsApp trick-who visited your WhatsApp profile. Read More

How to fix unsupported Audio-Video file Error on Android phone

metime it’s very frustrating situation when your downloaded or transferred audio video file generate an error message when you try to play them on your Android phone. You can check “Unsupported audio codec” or “Can’t open file” etc on your phone screen. You must know solution how to fix unsupported audio-video file error on Android phone. Read More

How to recover lost notifications on Android phone

Most of time your screen cluttered up with lots of notifications. You can easily close or remove them by swapping to right side. During swapping some important notifications are also removed from your home screen. Here we like to discuss how to recover lost notifications on Android phone. Read More

How to unlock bootloader Moto G5 Plus

Hi, This is a guide to unlock bootloader Moto G5 Plus. It is an easy and safe guide to unlock bootloader Moto G5 Plus. If you want to root your phone or use custom recovery like CWM and TWRP recovery on your Moto G5 Plus, then you must be unlock your Moto G5 Plus bootloader. Read More

How to start private browsing using Incognito Mode

During surfing your searching detail will be stored online and anyone can check your surfing detail. Private browsing allows you to stop other to check what you have been searching during browsing. You can start private browsing using Incognito Mode at your Android phone or PC. Read More

Tips to Keep Safe Your Device from Virus and Malware

ere are lot of issues which is related with the security of your device. There are most of harmful virus and malware not only break your security but also steel important information from your device. In that situation you must know how to keep safe your device from virus and malware. Read More