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How to start private browsing using Incognito Mode

During surfing your searching detail will be stored online and anyone can check your surfing detail. Private browsing allows you to stop other to check what you have been searching during browsing. You can start private browsing using Incognito Mode at your Android phone or PC. Read More

Tips to Keep Safe Your Device from Virus and Malware

ere are lot of issues which is related with the security of your device. There are most of harmful virus and malware not only break your security but also steel important information from your device. In that situation you must know how to keep safe your device from virus and malware. Read More

How to change Gmail default action from archive to delete

Most of the person want to know how to delete emails from Gmail from your device at the place of archiving them. In that situation you have to know how to do this job on your Gmail account. In this guide we have to discuss how to change Gmail change Gmail default action from archive to delete. Read More

How to Enable or Disable show touches in Android phone

Sometime when you touches the screen of phone you can see a white circle shown on your Android phone. But when you remove your figure from your phone it will be disappear. Lot of person don’t know what happens at your phone. Don’t worry we will discuss how to enable or disable show touches in Android phone. Read More

How to view free RAM on Android phone

Most of the person want to check how much RAM is used and how much RAM is free to use on your device. There are lot of background running apps we have on our device and they consume lot of RAM. In this article we have to discuss how to view free RAM on Android phone? Read More

Latest YouTube Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you know about the YouTube player keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard shortcut allows you to fast working without touching the mouse. If your mouse does not running properly that you have to face problem. So, we have to discuss latest YouTube player keyboard shortcuts in this guide. Read More