Steps to download and save data file of my Facebook information

Facebook is an important and popular messaging platform for all the users. If necessary then you can easily download your Facebook information at a any time. It is an important feature which keep safe your FB information at your device. In this guide we have to discuss simple steps to download and save zip data file of my FB information

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Facebook allows you to easily and quickly download a copy of your Facebook information at any time. You can download all the information at once, or you can also select only the types of information and date ranges which you want. You can choose to receive your information is stored in HTML format. In this format you can easily view the information, or you can also use JSON format, which could allow another service to more easily import it.

All Facebook download information is protected with the password. After you’ve created Facebook information file, it will be available for download. You can get your posts, photos, videos, comments,messages and many more information in this file. By default Facebook share all information with in a file, but you can choose required options which you need in Facebook information.

How to download your Facebook information

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If any registered Facebook user want to download his Facebook information, then need to follow given simple steps, have a look.

Steps to download and save data file of my Facebook information

Step 1: Open your registered Facebook account. Click on drop down arrow which is located on top right corner of your active Facebook window.

Step 2: Click on the Settings option. Choose “Your Facebook information” option. In right pan click on the “Download your information” option.

Step 3: In Download your information window click on the “Create File” button. After sometime Facebook send a confirmation message your file is ready for download. Now, click in the “Available files” tab and click on the “Download” button.

Step 4: Facebook again ask your Facebook id password for confirmation, after filling the password you will get a Facebook information zip file. You can download or save the file and check the information.

Facebook Trace locations where you’re Logged In

You can locate everything from your last logged in locations in Facebook to a browser using a single settings. Facebook trace locations where you are login information on any smartphone or computer. Sometime we need to logged into your friend or other family members Laptop, PC or Smartphone to do this job, and forgot to logout.

This guide we have to discuss an easy way to which you can easily track your Facebook last login location and also end the sessions at once.

How To Download Facebook Videos in HD Quality

Facebook is very popular social networking website around the world. Sometime we need to download Facebook videos in HD quality but don’t know what is the process. Facebook allows his registered users to post his comments, share images and post any interesting content on the web. You can also start live chat, watch any short-form video.


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