WhatsApp new update Group chat can be mute for 100 years

Hi friends, all we know very well about the WhatsApp facility. With the help of WhatsApp any registered user is able to send or received text, audio and video messages to other persons in a quick time. Recently WhatsApp updated and through its new feature user can mute this app’s group chat for 100 years. According to updated version 2.11.230 now time duration of group chat mute is increased from 1 year to 100 years.  Many times cause of unwanted groups users phone rings continuously and it creates problem for users. To get rid from this problem user could mute group chat for 1 year on WhatsApp but now this time duration increased to 100 years. today we are talki about WhatsApp new update Group chat.

Now group notifications can be closed entirely. Before this any group chat can be muted, but notifications still display to users. In this updated there is new camera icon too and along with it new icon also for voice message. New camera button is one click camera shortcut. Recently WhatsApp new update Group chat can be mute for 100 years through its new feature user can easily mute this app’s group chat for 100 years.

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Do you know what the group chat is?

It is very latest feature of WhatsApp from which you can easily send a single message to different persons by creating groups on WhatsApp at the same time. WhatsApp provide the facility to create up to 50 groups and in each group you permission to add at least 50 users to any created group.

If any group is created by you, you automatically have the rights of Admin. You can add multiple users in group chat if you have admin right. If you left the admin group then first added user have the admin rights of this group, but you have the control to handle this group. Now read the following steps to easily create group and add different participant in this group:

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How to create group on WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp >>> then tap on the menu button >>> tap on New group option >>> give the name of your group and then tap on Next button >>> Add group participant and tap on creating. This update still not official. User can download it from official website. On Google play store it will take some time to come.

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