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WhatsApp Group: How to protect yourself from being added to WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Group Policy Update: WhatsApp has added a new feature for users. With the help of this feature, users can select such contacts, which cannot add them to any group. Or you can not give an invitation to join the group. Facebook, the company that operates WhatsApp, has rolled out this feature for users across the world.

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There are several ways to stay connected to each other during lockdown, one of which is instant messaging app WhatsApp. This app has more than 2 billion users all over the world. There are many features in this app, from messaging to WhatsApp Calling, which are very popular among users.

How to protect yourself from being added to WhatsApp Groups

A popular feature of Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is WhatsApp Group. Previously, anyone who had your number saved could add you to the group, but users were troubled by the problem of the other person being added to the group without permission.

WhatsApp Group Security

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After receiving feedback from WhatsApp users, WhatsApp has changed the group privacy settings to help its users get rid of this problem. Now new group privacy settings are available for both WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone users. Today, through our article, we will give you information about how you can avoid the hassle of adding yourself to the group without your permission.

How to enable WhatsApp Group Privacy Settings

Before giving you information about how you can enable these settings in your phone, make sure that your phone should have the latest version of WhatsApp. Should be version 2.19.308 for Android and version 2.19.112 for iPhone. You can also update WhatsApp by going to the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store page for iPhone. After updating the app, follow the steps mentioned below.

WhatsApp Groups on Android: WhatsApp Group Settings for Android Users

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If you are an Android user and you too often face the problem of being added to unwanted groups, then you don’t have to worry anymore, just by changing the settings mentioned below, you can overcome this problem.

1) Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and then click on the three-dot icon appearing on the right side.
2) Then go to Settings> Account> Privacy.
3) Then tap on the group and then choose one of the options shown here, Everyone, My Contact and My Contacts Except.

Everyone: If you select the Everyone option, any WhatsApp user will be able to make you part of the group.

My Contacts: In this, only the admin in the contact list of the user will be able to make that user a part of the group.

My Contacts Except: If you select the My Contacts Except option, you will be able to add only selected users to the WhatsApp group. To enable this means that all the group administrators have to send an invitation to a user to be a part of the WhatsApp group. However, the user has to decide on this invitation at 72 hours.

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WhatsApp Groups on iPhone: WhatsApp Group Settings for iPhone Users

If you are an iPhone user and you too often struggle with the problem of being added to unwanted groups, then don’t worry, you can overcome this problem by just changing the WhatsApp group settings mentioned below.

1) First open the WhatsApp app on iPhone and then click on the Settings option in the bottom bar.
2) After this go to Account > Privacy > Groups.
3) After this on the next screen you will get three options, Everyone, My Contact and My Contacts Except.

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