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What is HDR and when to use HDR for photos on Android?

There isn’t a predefined rule when to use HDR mode for taking photos from your Android phone. HDR mode is available in different smartphone. As compared with different modes in different phones we get the result that HDR can be worth way to improve quality of your shots. In this article we’ll discuss what is HDR and when to use HDR for photos on Android phone?

All we know camera play an important role to increase the sale amount of any mobile. Most of the mobile manufacturing companies gives special features which provide great pictures with different modes of camera. There are different modes available during taking pictures on your Android phone. You can easily compare which mode is better for taking the accurate picture with your phone camera. HDR take shots with different exposure from dark to lighter. It combine best parts of balanced shots, over and under exposed which create a better image.

What is HDR and when to use HDR for photos on Android?

First we need to know what is HDR and when to use HDR for photos on Android? If you choose right shooting mode then you will get better picture quality then others. HDR can fix most of the problem which you face during taking the photography with your Android phone. HDR taking several pictures normally three to five at different exposures in quick secession and combine the best parts of balance shots which generate a better image.

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What is HDR and when to use HDR for photos on Android

HDR stands for high dynamic range. HDR is always not the best choice during taking picture in dim light situation. Few mobile manufacturing companies give his special focus on the camera quality. If you take pictures with those highly advanced technology smartphone in HDR mode you will get better picture quality. But it’ll not applicable for all those smartphone. If you don’t have better light or during taking picture your hand will be moved then you’ll not get better picture quality. HDR required taking multiple pictures and combine all the best parts and generate a better image.

When you should use HDR?

If you need better picture quality then HDR play an important role on your phone. HDR is a process which increase the dynamic range of your Android phone. Dynamic range is the distance between the darkness and lightness elements of any image which you capture from your phone camera. If you take an impressive photograph, then you have to use HDR in your phone camera.

During taking any picture with HDR the camera takes different images in a quick way with different exposures from dark to lighter. Now, it the software of your phone camera combine all the best parts of balanced shots and generate a better image.

Lighting play an important role during taking better photograph. But if you take any picture in sunlight you have more contrast on your photo. Now, HDR is able to balance the brightness and darkness during taking the photo. If you enable HDR in full sunlight you will get a better picture quality than others.

When you should not use HDR?

If you are moving from one place to another and try to taking photo with HDR, then you will get blurry in your final image. The main reason is that HDR takes several photos and if you move from one to another place during taking shot,s camera software not able to generate accurate image.

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Few photos looking much better due to high contrast. But using HDR you will reduce the level of contrast and looking is not so effective. So, in high contrast scenes there is no need to use HDR in your phone camera.

Certainly HDR provide better picture quality. But if you already have lot of colors during taking the picture, HDR garish your image color. Which is not better for good photography, So there is no need to use HDR mode in that situation.

I hope after reading What is HDR and when to use HDR for photos on Android article helps you to take better picture quality. You have to choose right mode during taking photography with your Android phone. If you have any other idea regarding this article please write us. Thanks to all.

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