Transfer Contacts and SMS from Nokia Symbian to Android Mobile

How to transfer contacts and SMS from Nokia Symbian phone to Android Phone.v This tutorial is very easy, just follow these steps and move your contacts and SMS in Android phone. Now Android is more famous and user friendly OS with lots of features as compare to Nokia Symbian phone. So maximum peoples want to move Nokia Symbian phone to Android phone. This post is very useful for who moves Nokia to Android. It is a long method but very simple if you follow step to step.

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Steps to transfer Contacts and SMS from Nokia Symbian to Android Mobile:

Step 1: First of all attach your Phone with the PC through Nokia PC Suite.

Step 2: Take a backup of your data with Nokia PC suite. It is create backup.nbu file in your my documents folder.

Step 3: Download and install NBU Explorer software on your PC Click here. It is a free software which you allow to open .nbu extension backup files.

Step 4: Run NbuExplorer.exe software >>>and click on the File option >>> then after click on Open option >>> Now click on the Browse and select backup.nbu backup file and click on the open button.

Step 5: Go to messages tab >>> click on the “Export Messages” option and choose (*.xml) file extension by “Save as type” option >>> After then save it where you want.

Step 6: XML2Android.exe is a tool. It is convert your data into *.xml file format and it is accept from SMS Backup and Restore app in your Android phone.

Download XML2Android: Click here

Step 7: After  You can save .xml exported file and download XML2Android in the same folder.

Step 8: Open Start >>> Run >>> type “cmd” command and enter. Change your directory on saved files location.

Step 9: Now perform XML2Android <example.xml> (Example: my_sms_Backup.xml).

Step 10: It will create a file with the name of androidSMS.xml >>> Now, copy androidSMS.xml  file on your Smartphone or any other Android device.

Step 11: Now Go to Google play store and find SMS Backup & Restore app and install it on your Smartphone.Step 12: And then select Import SMS file and you will get your messages back in Android phone. This process is same for contact also. So get your contact.

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