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How to watch YouTube videos without Wi-Fi or data

Sometimes we have to go to a place where there is no internet connection or if there is a slow. In this way, your phone’s connectivity will end. By the way, you have to face many difficulties without having internet. One of these troubles is not watching YouTube videos. If you have a passion to watch the videos and you have faced this problem, here we are telling you the solution to watch YouTube videos without Wi-Fi or data. Read More

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode – How to Active Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Feature: The Dark Mode feature has arrived on Facebook Messenger. This feature has recently been spotted in some users’ smartphone. As soon as the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode feature is activated, you’ll see ‘Founded Dark Mode!‘ Popup on your smartphone screen. This means that the Dark Mode feature has become active on your phone. You can activate this feature on both Android and iOS platforms. Read More

How to run YouTube in incognito mode on Android

YouTube is most popular and widely used video platform for his users. When you are watching a video on YouTube anyone can check your history. But if you don’t want to show the history of your previous running video’s on YouTube then, you have to run YouTube in incognito mode on Android. In other words incognito mode works as a undercover and no body trace which you are watching at YouTube app at your Android. Read More

Latest YouTube Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you know about the YouTube player keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard shortcut allows you to fast working without touching the mouse. If your mouse does not running properly that you have to face problem. So, we have to discuss latest YouTube player keyboard shortcuts in this guide. Read More

How to continue playing YouTube videos when screen switched off

Hi Guys, all we know very well about the YouTube. YouTube provide the facility watch and download any online video, movies as well as you can also upload and share any video on YouTube channel. Lot of person like to watch different kind of videos or movies on YouTube during spending his free time. YouTube video is playing when your screen is not switched off but when your smartphone screen is switched off, playing video is stopped. Next time when you turn on your smartphone screen, you must have to tap on the play button. Today we discuss how to continue playing YouTube videos when screen switched off. Read More

How to auto repeat YouTube video by easy steps

Hi guys, most of the person like to surfing on the Internet many time within a day. They like to use smartphone or Desktop PC or Laptop for surfing on Internet. Most of the person like to search different topics, guide, tips and tricks, download software, audio, videos and many more. Today we have to discuss how to auto repeat YouTube video during surfing on Internet. Read More

How to use YouTube offline on Android or iOS(iPhone)

Hi, friends we know very well at present time billion of users watch different kind of videos on the YouTube. Most of the persons also upload his interesting videos on his YouTube channel for the public internet. We must watch any video when you are properly connected with internet on YouTube but now, there is a great news for all YouTube users, Google provides a great feature “watch video offline”. By this feature there will be no need of YouTube video down-loader app for watch video offline on Android and iOS (iPhone). This facility enable  you to download YouTube videos on your iOS (iPhone) and Android devices using Google YouTube app and watch downloaded videos any time. Read More