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How to use On-Screen Keyboard in Windows Operating System

Windows Operating systems allows you to use On-Screen Keyboard on your system. On-Screen Keyboard is an application which provides a visual keyboard at your display screen. You can use On-Screen Keyboard in place of a physical keyboard. Windows allows you to manipulated the On-Screen Keyboard with the mouse or any other pointing device as per your need. Read More

Use Snipping tool to capture screenshots in Windows

There are lots of tools out there for taking screenshots in Windows. However, you may not need to install a third party app. Snipping Tool, included in Windows Vista and later, allows you to take screenshots, as well as edit and annotate them. There are many ways for taking screenshots in Windows but easiest way to use Snipping tool to capture screenshots in Windows operating system. Read More

How to Disable Write Protection from USB Drives and Memory Cards

Do you have write protection from USB drives and memory cards? If yes then you are not able to copy, delete, modify or format your locked USB drive or SD cards. In this guide we have to discuss how to remove or disable write protection from USB drives and memory cards. After enable write protection setup a lock on the disc or memory which stop you to do any kind of modification or deletion on the files. Read More

How to Hide a Drive in Windows Operating System

There are lot of users who are working on Windows operating system at his Computer or Laptop around the world. Most of the person want to know how to hide a drive in Windows operating system. The main advantage of this feature is that your important files and folders are keep safe in the hidden drive from others. If you have lot of personal and confidential data in a particular drive then best way to hide a drive in Windows Operating System at your system. Read More

11 Awesome Smartphone Tips and Tricks

As per the fast growing technology today smartphone are too much advanced than others. Latest technology smartphone comes with advanced features which is useful for us. Today we have to discuss top awesome smartphone tips and tricks which you should know. Read More

How to make GIF image on Whatsapp

Hi Now days People are mostly sharing of GIF file on whatsapp. Although people don’t know how to make GIF file, they just forward them as they got. In this article, we will tell you how you can easily make GIF image on Whatsapp easily. Read More

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Video Calling feature

WhatsApp officially launched his latest WhatsApp Video calling feature on his latest update. This feature is rolled out to all Android phone, iPhone, Windows users. After updating your phone with latest WhatsApp version you will get WhatsApp Video calling feature on your phone. WhatsApp launched his latest WhatsApp Video Calling feature for his users around the world. Read More