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How to track the stolen smartphone’s location

Currently smartphones have become a special part of our life. Without a smartphone, we can not live a day. Our routines are dependent on the smartphone itself. We all save our important data on smartphone. We believe that our data in the smartphone is extremely secure, while in many cases it may be harmful to maintain data in the phone. One of these situations is whether the phone is lost or stolen. The most risk in the case of a smartphone being stolen or lost is that there is no misuse of personal data in your phone. However, users can track the stolen smartphone’s location. Read More

How to enable and disable Sticky keys?

Sticky is an important feature of Windows and Mac Operating System. Sticky key is an accessibility feature which allow his users to press and release any modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt or Windows) to remain active until l any other key is pressed or released. Read More

Facebook Trace locations where you’re Logged In

You can locate everything from your last logged in locations in Facebook to a browser using a single settings. Facebook trace locations where you are login information on any smartphone or computer. Sometime we need to logged into your friend or other family members Laptop, PC or Smartphone to do this job, and forgot to logout. Read More

Delete Google Plus without deleting Gmail

It is believed that approx 5 Lac users of Google+ data have been caught in private data developers due to the crack in security. In that situation most of Google Plus users are frightened due to leak of his secure data and want to delete them. In this guide we have to discuss how to delete Google Plus without deleting Gmail account. Read More

How to turn on or turn off scroll lock key

Sometime you feel that you can no longer moving around the workbook area properly due to the scroll lock key. Most of the person facing lot of issues to turn on or turn off scroll lock key at his system. During working on excel sheet When you press any arrow key you feel column or rows are moving at the place of cursor moving to another cell. Read More