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Google Assistant Tips: Say Good Morning phone will tell weather and news

Smartphones can be used not only for calls or messaging, but also for many other things. You can read news through this, set an alarm and also get weather information. What if you wake up in the morning, say good morning to the phone and it automatically starts telling the news and news of today’s weather? Today we are going to tell you such amazing Google Assistant Tips. Read More

How to Block Someone Email address on Gmail account ?

When you block someone on Gmail, you won’t receive their emails in your Gmail inbox. After block someone on your Gmail account, all received emails from that specific person are automatically sorted into your spam folder. Block someone on Gmail is an easy task but do you know what happens after you Block some­one email address on Gmail? Read More

Facebook Quiet Mode block notifications for Android iOS

Facebook is rolling out a new “Facebook Quiet Mode” feature for its iOS and Android apps. This kind of feature is also in the iPhone, which is called screen time. With the help of this feature, users doing work from home will be able to block Facebook notifications for a fixed time. People are using social media apps fiercely during lockdown. On Facebook too, users have become more active than before. Read More

Car care in lockdown: Tips to keep car safe in coronavirus lockdown

Car care in lockdown tips: The country is currently facing a 21-day lockdown in view of the increasing outbreak of coronaviruses in the country, due to which people as well as their cars have been confined to their homes. The whole country is struggling with the Coronavirus epidemic at the moment, if the car stays in one place for a long time, then it can cause a lot of problems if it is started after some time. Read More