Autosave Excel file using code to protect file

Lot of time many peoples facing these issue like computer crashes, power goes out, accidentally close any file without saving and many more. In that situation you may lost of your working data, and you need to know how to autosave Excel file. There are lot of ways to auto save Excel file either using Autosave feature or using the code. Read More

Lookup Multiple Fields of Data with Excel VLOOKUP

With the combination of Excel VLOOKUP function with the Column, Column and array function you can easily create a lookup formula which allows you to quickly lookup multiple fields of data with Excel VLookup function. Excel VLookup function with array or column function easily return multiple values from a single row of a database or array of table. Read More

How to show an Emergency contact number on your Smartphone

Approx 80 to 90% smartphone users lock his smartphone due to different reasons. But sometime in case of emergency you must add or show an emergency contact number on your smartphone locked screen. But if you don’t setup emergency contact number on your phone then nobody call to your family members in case of any emergency. This is very essential and
helpful feature for us. We must add an emergency contact to our phone’s lock screen. Read More

How to divert mobile phone calls to any number

Sometime when you are on the tour and your phone battery is going to die in that situation there is no way to get the call on your phone. But in that case you can easily divert mobile phone calls to any number using the secrete codes. Many time when you are doing some important things and you will be disturb due to receive any call or downloading will be stop. Read More

How to use LEFT Function with Find Function

Sometime we need to extract few characters of a string with the help of Left function. In this guide we have to discuss how to use Left function with Find function to extract the worlds. Excel allows you to use a user defined function to split a text string as per your need. To quickly split text string at specific character then you must have to know how to use Left function with Find function. Read More

How to turn on or turn off scroll lock key

Sometime you feel that you can no longer moving around the workbook area properly due to the scroll lock key. Most of the person facing lot of issues to turn on or turn off scroll lock key at his system. During working on excel sheet When you press any arrow key you feel column or rows are moving at the place of cursor moving to another cell. Read More

How to switch or flip name in Excel

Sometime you need to flip the first and last name within the cell. Mostly peoples use cut and paste method to easily switch or flip name in Excel sheet. You can also use retyping method of reverse the first name and last name within cells. These are the simple ways to reordering the first and last name. Now, in this guide we’ll discuss another way which quickly allows you to switch or flip name in Excel sheet. Read More

Top Apps of Vivo IPL 2018

From last Saturday onward the 11th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) is started and cricket fever spread out around the world for all cricket lovers. Here there are few top apps of Vivo IPL 2018 that you can install for live updates at your smartphone. From 7th April IPL started and across the country all cricket lovers support his favourite team and players. Vivo IPL 2018 is a combination of entertainment and cricket which is stared from 7th April 2018. Read More

Quickly Launch apps and contacts with LaunchBoard app

LaunchBoard apps is an important and free to use app for your device. All Android phone users have Google built-in-keyboard in his device. The LaunchBoard apps allows you to quickly launch the apps. It is an efficient method to quickly finding and launching the apps. LaunchBoard app is free to use app which is downloaded from Google Play Store. Read More