How to Add and Use Camera in Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Have you ever take a screen shot of selected data range in a worksheet? If “No”, then try this… it’s a great tool which allows you to take a picture of currently selected range of cells which update dynamically when original data changed at target location. To do this job you have to add and use camera in Excel Quick Access Toolbar. Read More

How to use Bokeh effect in Dual Camera Smartphone?

If you are new to photography you have probably only recently learned about the concept known as “bokeh”. Bokeh effect refers to blur or a blurry quality, and in photography it is a very recognizable technique. Smartphone maker companies provide the Bokeh effect in the phone’s camera. Smartphone users like to take photos at bokeh effect, if this feature available in his phone. In this article we’ll discuss how to use bokeh effect dual camera smartphone. Read More

How to delete a wrongly sent message in Facebook Messenger

When we send a message to other person and after sending the message we felt that we have sent the message by mistake to other person. Now, you want to get back the message or don’t want them to read your message. In that situation most of the users want to know how to delete a wrongly sent message in Facebook Messenger. Read More

Steps to download and save data file of my Facebook information

Facebook is an important and popular messaging platform for all the users. If necessary then you can easily download your Facebook information at a any time. It is an important feature which keep safe your Facebook information at your device. In this guide we have to discuss simple steps to download and save zip data file of my Facebook information Read More

How to Send Feedback on Google Chrome against Google Search

There are many reasons due to which you need to report an issue, if you have any problem with Google Search or you want to give your opinion about how it’s working. In that situation you have to know how to send feedback on Google chrome against Google search. After receiving your thoughts, google will check your review and if required then improve the Google search experience for others. Read More

How to Show Report Filter Pages Excel Pivot Table Data

Pivot table is an important feature of Excel, which allows you to manage and summarize your large worksheet data. In this article, we will discuss how to show report filter pages Excel pivot table data. You can use, Pivot table which is an important and useful tool used for data analysis purpose in Excel. Read More