How to use the Match function in Excel

The MATCH function in Excel allows you to quickly locate for a specified item in range of cells, and then returns the relative position of that item in the range. Match Function in Excel is used to returns the relative position of an item in the given array or range of cells that match a specific value in specific order. You can easily use match function to get the result either in vertical or horizontal lookup array. Read More

Solution of Google Play Services Has stopped message

Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped message shown on different Android smartphone. Most of the person want to know it is a problem with Google Play Service or any virus attack. Due to receiving this message your email account, Google Play Store and other services doesn’t work properly. Lot of person tried to disabling the Google Play Service but this message continue appearing at your screen. Read More

How to use IFNA with VLookup function

If any lookup values does not found in the list of array an error message #NA display in the resulted cells. If you want to remove an error value during lookup the value then you must know how to use IFNA with VLookup function. Sometimes when the data your are looking for is not found in the list, you will receive #N/A error message. Read More

VLookup with Two Lookup Values using IFError function

Sometime you need to apply VLookup with multiple criteria to get the result. If you want to use VLookup with two lookup values and also remove error results then you have to use IFError function along with VLookup function. This tutorial shows you how could you easily VLookup multiple values in Excel which is based on one or more conditions. Microsoft Excel is an important application software which is used for data analysis. Read More

Triple VLookup with Index Match function in Excel

Sometime we need to apply triple VLookup in active worksheet and want to get the result which fulfil all given three criteria. In that situation you must have to use Index Match function at the place of applying VLookup function in active worksheet. In this article we have to discussion how could you easily apply triple VLookup with Index Match function in active worksheet. Read More

How to use VLookup Match function in Excel

VLookup Match one of the most powerful and important function in Excel. Sometime we need to use VLookup and Match function together to lookup specific value. If you need better control over during lookup and match the value then you must have to know how to use VLookup Match function in Excel. This dynamic function allows you to reduce the chances of error and improve the capability of VLookup function. Read More

How to use Double VLookup in Excel

If you have data in two different table or worksheet then you need to apply double VLookup in Excel. At this situation most the Excel user face lot of issue how to get the exact result which match the condition. This article helps you to know how to use Excel Double VLookup function in active worksheet. Read More

Avoid Common mistakes on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is too much popular free to use application which is used to send instant messages on smartphones. But most of the person have to avoid given common mistakes on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an important part of our life. Lot of person share his important and personal things with his friends, family members and others on WhatsApp. This is not correct thing you must have to take few precautions during working on WhatsApp. Read More