How to switch or flip name in Excel

Sometime you need to flip the first and last name within the cell. Mostly peoples use cut and paste method to easily switch or flip name in Excel sheet. You can also use retyping method of reverse the first name and last name within cells. These are the simple ways to reordering the first and last name. Now, in this guide we’ll discuss another way which quickly allows you to switch or flip name in Excel sheet. Read More

Top Apps of Vivo IPL 2018

From last Saturday onward the 11th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) is started and cricket fever spread out around the world for all cricket lovers. Here there are few top apps of Vivo IPL 2018 that you can install for live updates at your smartphone. From 7th April IPL started and across the country all cricket lovers support his favourite team and players. Vivo IPL 2018 is a combination of entertainment and cricket which is stared from 7th April 2018. Read More

Quickly Launch apps and contacts with LaunchBoard app

LaunchBoard apps is an important and free to use app for your device. All Android phone users have Google built-in-keyboard in his device. The LaunchBoard apps allows you to quickly launch the apps. It is an efficient method to quickly finding and launching the apps. LaunchBoard app is free to use app which is downloaded from Google Play Store. Read More

How to use DCOUNTA Function in Excel

DCOUNTA function is an important built-in-function of MS Excel. The DCOUNTA function is used to quickly counts non-blank cells within given database. DCOUNTA is a standard built-in-function which is located in Database category in Microsoft Excel. Read More

How to link data between two or more workbook in Excel

Copying data from one workbook and paste to another workbook is an easy task. But copy and paste method doesn’t create a relationship between the source and target file data. You must have to know how could you link data between two or more workbook in Excel. You can easily establish, refresh, remove the link either between two or more workbook or worksheets as per your need. Read More

How to use the Excel AVERAGEIF function

In this guide we have to discuss how could you easily calculate the arithmetic mean of different data types with the help of Excel AVERAGEIF function. The AVERAGEIF function in Excel is used to returns the average (arithmetic mean) of all the cells with in the range which meet the given criteria. Read More

How to use the Match function in Excel

he MATCH function in Excel allows you to quickly locate for a specified item in range of cells, and then returns the relative position of that item in the range. Match Excel Function is used to returns the relative position of an item in the given array or range of cells that match a specific value in specific order. You can easily use match function to get the result either in vertical or horizontal lookup array. Read More