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How to Recognize Virus Spyware Attack yourself

Most people do not realize that when there is no virus or spyware in their computer. Spyware is a kind of virus that monitors your secret data while keeping your computer silently and sends the necessary information to its manufacturer hackers. Virus infection stays in your computer for months and viruses or spyware etc. are doing their work with great pleasure. The address appears when there is a major disadvantage like hard disk crash or data loss. Identifying the virus or spyware infection is not very difficult. Before taking serious forms of virus infection, their signs appear in the computer. Today, we are going to tell you in this article how to recognize virus-spyware attack yourself. Read More

How to Remove Virus from Safe Mode of Android Phone

Just like Windows Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet virus is a big problem for your phone. You can easily remove virus from safe mode of Android phone. There is no need to use any kind of third party software to boot your Android phone into safe mode. During safe mode, you are not able to load any third party apps on your Android phone. Read More