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How to protect files and data – New tricks

A computer user does not want to keep the necessary data and information, a particular file, folder, or software in the wrong hands. Due to being in the hands of the wrong person, you will not only lose your documents but are also afraid of being copied, changing and even completely removed. Some software is also present in the market to save files and folders from strangers, but as the first stairs of security, available methods within the operating system can also be tried. Today our experts are going to tell you Protect files and data in this article. You should definitely tell by commenting about how you liked this article. Read More

Lock or Unlock particular areas of a protect worksheet in Excel

Excel is an important application software which is widely used around the world. There are lot of interesting features of Microsoft Excel. When you try to lock your worksheet it effect on whole worksheet at the place of particular area. This guide helps you to easily lock or unlock particular areas of a protect worksheet in Excel. By default all cells are automatically locked when you apply protection password on active worksheet. Read More