How to use IFNA with VLookup function

If any lookup values does not found in the list of array an error message #NA display in the resulted cells. If you want to remove an error value during lookup the value then you must know how to use IFNA with VLookup function. Sometimes when the data your are looking for is not found in the list, you will receive #N/A error message. Read More

VLookup with Two Lookup Values using IFError function

Sometime you need to apply VLookup with multiple criteria to get the result. If you want to use VLookup with two lookup values and also remove error results then you have to use IFError function along with VLookup function. This tutorial shows you how could you easily VLookup multiple values in Excel which is based on one or more conditions. Microsoft Excel is an important application software which is used for data analysis. Read More

How to use VLookup Match function in Excel

VLookup Match one of the most powerful and important function in Excel. Sometime we need to use VLookup and Match function together to lookup specific value. If you need better control over during lookup and match the value then you must have to know how to use VLookup Match function in Excel. This dynamic function allows you to reduce the chances of error and improve the capability of VLookup function. Read More

How to use Double VLookup in Excel

If you have data in two different table or worksheet then you need to apply double VLookup in Excel. At this situation most the Excel user face lot of issue how to get the exact result which match the condition. This article helps you to know how to use Excel Double VLookup function in active worksheet. Read More

Excel VLookup Find First, 2nd Or Nth Match Value in Excel?

If you have more than one columns and want to use Excel VLookup to find first, 2nd or Nth match value in Excel. Normally it’s not easy to do this job but after reading this article you can easily find out first, 2nd or Nth match value in Excel sheet. All we know VLookup is a powerful lookup function which is located in lookup and reference category. Read More

How to use Excel SUMSQ Function to get Sum of the Squares

Excel SUMSQ function is another important function which is used to returns the sum of the squares of the given arguments. The Excel SUMSQ function is built-in very popular function. This function is also used as a worksheet function in active Excel sheet. In this article we have to explain how to effectively use SUMSQ function in Excel. Read More

How to use Excel Subtotal Function

Excel Subtotal function allows you to returns a subtotal in the list or database. Subtotal function in Excel return the Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min and many more. Excel Subtotal function is located in Math and Trig category. You can also use this function as a worksheet function in Excel. Read More

How to Show Percentage of Parent Total in an Excel PivotTable

Excel allows you to quickly show the percentage using parent total in an Excel PivotTable. Once you create the Excel PivotTable, you can easily discover which type of report management you need. PivotTable gives the ability to easily manipulate the well organised information. The Value Filed Settings allows you to quickly perform different kind of summarizations as per your need. Calculated Fields. Calculated fields allows you to build the formulas which is based on the PivotTable value. You can easily convert your data and show values in-terms of percentage of parent total in an Excel PivotTable. Read More