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How to Start Pin apps in Android Lollipop

Screen pinning is an important utility which allows you to pin or lock your device with a single apps on your Android Lollipop phone. If you want to lock the phone screen with a certain app then use have to know the process how to start pin apps in Android Lollipop. Read More

How to resolve Android Lollipop Camera and Flashlight issue

There are many Android Lollipop users complain that their camera has been stop and shows an error message “Can’t connect to the camera” or flashlight is busted. It will be done after upgrading your Android phone with Lollipop. So, today we have to discuss how to resolve Android Lollipop camera and flashlight issue. Read More

Essential unique features for Android Lollipop phone

Around the world there are billion of Android lollipop phone users. Most of the person love too much to use these Android lollipop smartphone due to his additional features. But most of the person don’t aware about these features. So, we have to discuss few important and essential unique features for Android lollipop phone. These features must be useful for all Android lovers. Read More

How to use screen pinning feature in Android Lollipop

Hi Guys, at present time most of the person must have to use Android smartphone of different companies. When you bring any latest technology Android smartphone you have lot of excitement about the features of your Android smartphone. Most of the Android phone uses need to secure his Android phone and they have to use third party software. But today we will discuss an important tips to use screen pinning feature in Android Lollipop. Read More