Len function

Get the File Names from a Folder using Excel function

Sometime you need to insert the file name list of any format from any specific folder to active worksheet in Excel. This could be done by copy the file name one by one and paste them in the active worksheet. You can use given latest Excel trick to get the file names from a folder using Excel function. Read More

How to split full name into First and Last name in Excel

Suppose you have a large worksheet in which first and last name are combined together in a single column as a full name. Now, It’s difficult to split full name into first and last name in Excel. If you do this job manually then it will take lot of time. Now, there is no need to worry this article helps provide quick ways to split full name into first and last name in Excel.┬áDuring preparing different reports we have to face different kind of problems. But if you have better knowledge then you can easily prepare proper reports in short time. Read More