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Save your parking location Using Google Maps on Android or iPhone

Google Maps has been added a new latest feature which is quite useful for all Android and iPhone users. You can easily save your parking location using Google Maps on Android or iPhone. This feature allows you to quickly save the parking location of your vehicle. With Google Maps you can easily navigate any places, remind you about the location and many more. Now, this feature allows for Android and iPhone users to save your car parking location. Read More

How to Delete Duplicate Songs from iTune library

Did you know how to find and delete duplicate songs from iTune library. There are lot of music lover around the world. They have to store lot of songs in his device. During playing the songs you feel some duplicate songs repeat and repeat. In that situation it is not easy to find and delete duplicate songs from iTune library on manual basis. Here we’ll discuss any important trick which allows you to quickly find and delete duplicate songs from iTune library. Read More

WhatsApp Trick-Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile

There are lot of WhatsApp users around the world. WhatsApp bring different latest features for his registered users. There are lot of visitor check your WhatsApp profile on his smartphone. But we don’t who who viewed my profile on WhatsApp. So, Today we discuss about new latest WhatsApp trick-who visited your WhatsApp profile. Read More

Aadhar Pay App : 10 Important Facts

This new Aadhar Pay app is the newest way of money transaction e-payment which is recently launched by IDFC Bank. IDFC is a new bank of private sector launched this app to make money transaction more easy. In this app those people can also do cashless transaction, who do not have phones. Read More

How to Factory Reset of your Android or iPhone

Factory Reset is an important utility of your Android or iOS. It allows you to restore your electronic device to its original manufacture settings after removing all the stored information on your device. The process of factory reset is different in each device. In this guide we have to discuss how to factory reset of your Android or iPhone. Read More

11 Awesome Smartphone Tips and Tricks

As per the fast growing technology today smartphone are too much advanced than others. Latest technology smartphone comes with advanced features which is useful for us. Today we have to discuss top awesome smartphone tips and tricks which you should know. Read More

What is the Google Assistant, how can you use it ?

Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant which is developed by the Google and announced at Google I/O May 2016. It’s your personal Google which is already ready to help you. Most of the person still don’t know about Google-Assistant. In this guide we have to discuss What is the Google Assistant, how can you use it ? Read More