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How to delete Google Voice commands

Almost every user using the Internet is connected to Google’s services and thus data privacy is a big issue. With the help of Google Assistant on the device, many users work to set up alarms, check weather or control home appliances by giving voice commands. It is possible that you have given Google a voice command, but very few users know that Google has a record of every command. Google records every voice command and these commands are saved on the server. Today our experts are going to tell youdelete Google Voice commands in this article. You should definitely tell by commenting about how you liked this article. Read More

How to format a computer

The need to format the computer occurs when the computer is infected with a virus, when the computer is slow enough or the computer software does not run properly. Today, we are going to tell you in this article how you can format your computer very easily, for which you have to follow the steps given below. Read More