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How to Take Good Photos With Your Phone

Camera is one of the deciding factors to buy a new smartphone. People keep the camera in mind to buy a smartphone. Many people buy phones only for photography. As the technology is increasing, smartphones have become more advanced. Nowadays, most smartphone cameras can take photos very well, but many times, the camera app’s settings do not get the desired photo even if there is a good camera on the shocking. Here we will tell you the settings of the camera app of the smartphone which you can adjust and take good pictures. Before moving forward, learn the types of images that we use in our life of the day. Today, our specialists are going to tell you Take Good Photos With Your Phone in this article. Tell us what you think of this article by commenting on us. Read More

How to Recognize Virus Spyware Attack yourself

Most people do not realize that when there is no virus or spyware in their computer. Spyware is a kind of virus that monitors your secret data while keeping your computer silently and sends the necessary information to its manufacturer hackers. Virus infection stays in your computer for months and viruses or spyware etc. are doing their work with great pleasure. The address appears when there is a major disadvantage like hard disk crash or data loss. Identifying the virus or spyware infection is not very difficult. Before taking serious forms of virus infection, their signs appear in the computer. Today, we are going to tell you in this article how to recognize virus-spyware attack yourself. Read More

How to port Mobile Number

After the arrival of 4G mobile network in India, a new round of Indian mobile network has started. Currently, all mobile network companies are making every possible effort to entice consumers. The user can change the mobile network company from its current network at their convenience. Read More

How To Apply Online For Pan Card

PAN Card is an essential document for every Indian citizen. According to Section 139A of Income Tax Act, 1961, all citizens of India must have a PAN (Permanent Account Number). PAN is an account number with 15 digits, which needs to be paid while paying taxes and filling income tax returns. Just as the importance of the PAN card has increased in today’s time, the process of making it the same is also easier than ever. Pan card can be built offline as well as through online medium. Read More

How to track the stolen smartphone’s location

Currently smartphones have become a special part of our life. Without a smartphone, we can not live a day. Our routines are dependent on the smartphone itself. We all save our important data on smartphone. We believe that our data in the smartphone is extremely secure, while in many cases it may be harmful to maintain data in the phone. One of these situations is whether the phone is lost or stolen. The most risk in the case of a smartphone being stolen or lost is that there is no misuse of personal data in your phone. However, users can track the stolen smartphone’s location. Read More