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Google changed official name of Android Q to Android 10

Google announced on Thursday that its next generation mobile operating system will be named Android 10, not Android Q. “As a global operating system, these names should be something that is clear to everyone in the world and everyone can relate to it,” said Samir Samat, vice president of Android Product Management, in a blog post. In such a situation, this number will be used for the next version of Android, and will be known as Android 10. We hope that this change will help to issue an easy name to our global community. We are giving you complete information about Google changed Name Android q to Android 10. Read More

How to delete Google Voice commands

Almost every user using the Internet is connected to Google’s services and thus data privacy is a big issue. With the help of Google Assistant on the device, many users work to set up alarms, check weather or control home appliances by giving voice commands. It is possible that you have given Google a voice command, but very few users know that Google has a record of every command. Google records every voice command and these commands are saved on the server. Today our experts are going to tell youdelete Google Voice commands in this article. You should definitely tell by commenting about how you liked this article. Read More

Delete Google Plus without deleting Gmail

It is believed that approx 5 Lac users of Google+ data have been caught in private data developers due to the crack in security. In that situation most of Google Plus users are frightened due to leak of his secure data and want to delete them. In this guide we have to discuss how to delete Google Plus without deleting Gmail account. Read More

How to use Google Assistant voice command to read phone messages

The Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence program which is powered by virtual assistant and developed by Google. You can use Google Assistant voice command to read phone text messages, open your WhatsApp, Call to your friend and many more. This voice feature is primarily available on smartphone and smart home devices. Google Assistant able to read recent incoming messages. Read More

Google Pay (TEJ) Digital Payment Indian App

Google Tej is also called Google Pay app. It is the fastest digital payment app for India. If you have any issue or query regarding this app then you may call at his given helpline number. It is very useful, faster and secure app. You can easily pay to your biller, send or receive money to your account without sharing bank or other details. Read More

Latest Google Android O developer preview features

After watching the success of Android Nougat mobile operating system now Google ready to released his next operating system for the developers with the name of Android O. As per the report latest Google Android O developer preview has been designed which provide much better battery life of your device. Read More