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How to Block Someone Email address on Gmail account ?

When you block someone on Gmail, you won’t receive their emails in your Gmail inbox. After block someone on your Gmail account, all received emails from that specific person are automatically sorted into your spam folder. Block someone on Gmail is an easy task but do you know what happens after you Block some­one email address on Gmail? Read More

How to logout a Gmail account?

Gmail is our most used app. Most of the work in our phones and desktops is from Gmail, but many times we want to logout from our device or Gmail because of many things. With the Gmail website or your Android, you can log out of the Gmail account that you have not used during your Android setup. Today, we are going to tell you through this article how to logout a Gmail account on desktop and Android phones? Read More

New Gmail Smart Compose and Smart Reply features

Google has brought several updates to its email service Gmail in the past few months. With these updates Gmail has provided new features with improved design and some essential tools. In these updates Gmail has got a great feature that makes your email compose way better and faster. This Gmail feature is Ai powered and it looks at your mail and suggests words to be typed next to it. Let’s know in detail what Gmail Smart Compose and Smart Reply features is and how you can take advantage of it. Read More

How to create a Gmail account without phone number

At present Gmail is very important to us, whether it is to use an Android phone or to watch a video on YouTube. In order to use Android phone, you have to login to the Gmail account, for which a Gmail ID is required, or even for office related work, Gmail is also very important. To create a new account on Gmail, phone numbers are required. Today, we are telling you through this article how you can create a Gmail account without phone number. Read More

How to send an e-mail secretly from Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’

Google continues to bring new features to improve its users’ privacy. In this episode Google has now launched a new feature for its email service ie Gmail. With this feature launched in the name of Confidential Mode, users can protect the e-mail they send from ‘passcode’. The most striking feature of this feature is that with the help of this, the unauthorized use of email will be prevented. Confidential mode generates a passcode through Google before the email is sent. This new Gmail feature can be used on computers and laptops as well as on Android and iPhone. Let’s know how to send an e-mail secretly from Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’. Read More

6 Great Gmail tips and tricks for Android

If you use updated Gmail app, then you will get lot of latest features at your smartphone. Gmail is a powerful platform with many productivity-enhancing features. But most of the Gmail users use only a little bit percentage of available actual Gmail features. In this article we have to discuss top 5 great Gmail tips and tricks for Android smartphone. Read More

Enable Offline Gmail and use without Internet Connectivity

Do you know your Gmail will work without internet? After enable Offline Gmail you can easily use your Gmail account without Internet connectivity. Google redesigned his most popular Gmail as well as added several new features in it. Update version of Gmail is based with artificial intelligence. After that you can easily run Gmail in offline mode without Internet connectivity. Read More