How Can I Hide Online Status On Facebook Chat

When you logged in on your Facebook account your online status is shown to your friends and they start chatting with you. It’s not easy to ignore them at this time you need to known can i hide online status on Facebook chat? The answer of this query is Yes. You can easily hide your online status on Facebook account with unwanted friends. Here’s we discuss a simple tip which helps you to quickly hide your Facebook online status. Read More

Latest Facebook Multilingual Composer lets you post in several languages

Facebook is free to use very popular social networking website. Most of the person facing problem when they have to talk to other friends which don’t know your language. Now with the help of latest Facebook multilingual composer feature lets you to post in several languages. With the help of Facebook multilingual composer you can easily send messages in different languages. You can also translate received messages from different languages to your language. Read More

How to get old look of Facebook account?

Most of the person don’t like the new Facebook look and they want to know can we change Facebook new look with old look? The answer of this query is Yes. You can easily get back old Facebook layout at your Computer of Smartphone. Facebook is most powerful social networking website. Read More

How can I block messages on Facebook

If someone is bothering you by sending lot of messages on Facebook then you can easily block messages on Facebook either on your PC or Smartphone. There are lot of users spend his lot of time on daily basis on Facebook.  Read More

Latest Nearby Friends feature on Facebook

Nearby Friends feature on Facebook allows you to find your friend location when they are nearby. You can easily use Nearby Friends feature on Facebook at your smartphone.You can easily track your all Facebook friends real time location at your Smartphone. You can also quickly meet your nearby Facebook friends. Facebook is a very popular and free to use social networking website. It allows his registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages. Read More

How do I Adjust or Turnoff Facebook Notifications

Facebook is very popular free to use social networking website. There are billion of users daily surfing on this website. But sometime most of the person are frustrated with regular notifications. In this guide we have to discuss how to adjust or turnoff Facebook notifications. Read More

8 Facebook secret tips : You must know

Facebook is the most popular social sites and many people are using it very frequently. They share pics, videos, connect with friends, watch videos etc., but there are many other things which you can do with your Facebook account. In this article, we will discuss some important Facebook secret tips which you should know while using your Facebook. It will enhance your enjoyment while using Facebook. Read More