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Fill Blank Cells in Excel With Value from Above

Sometime we have an worksheet in which more than one cells left blanks and you need to fill blank cells in Excel with value from above. After filling all the blank cells you can easily sort, filter apply formatting as per your need. In this tutorial you’ll learn a simple trick how to fill blank cells in Excel with value from above cells. Read More

How to Lock and Hide the Formula in Excel Worksheet

During working on excel sheet, sometime you don’t want to show applied formulas and also lock the active worksheet. In this tutorial, will discuss how to lock and hide the formula in Excel worksheet so that applied formula don’t show in the formula bar. This tutorial very useful for all those excel users who want to know about quickly lock and hide the formulas in active worksheet. Read More

How to Add and Use Camera in Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Have you ever take a screen shot of selected data range in a worksheet? If “No”, then try this… it’s a great tool which allows you to take a picture of currently selected range of cells which update dynamically when original data changed at target location. To do this job you have to add and use camera in Excel Quick Access Toolbar. Read More

How to add suffix in range of cells in MS Excel

Do you ever have those situations where you need to add suffix in range of cells in MS Excel. During typing any numeric value can you make an amendment or add suffix text in every selected range of cell. In this guide we have to discuss how could you easily adding suffix in range of cells in Microsoft Excel. Read More