How to Start Pin apps in Android Lollipop

Screen pinning is an important utility which allows you to pin or lock your device with a single apps on your Android Lollipop phone. If you want to lock the phone screen with a certain app then use have to know the process how to start pin apps in Android Lollipop.

If you want to temporally locked your phone screen with specific app then there is no way to do this job in old smartphone. But if you have latest technology smartphone then you can easily use screen pinning facility to pin or lock the screen with certain app. Let’s start discuss how to start pin apps in Android Lollipop. If you have latest version of Android then you will get Screen Pinning feature on your phone. With the help of this feature you can easily lock your screen with certain app.

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How to start Pin apps in Android Lollipop

Screen Pinning is an useful feature which allows you to protect your phone with Kids or other person’s. If you doing some important thing and accidentally tap on the back or home button then you can lost your running thing. Sometime your kids, family member or other want to check your phone in that situation you have to start pin apps in Android Lollipop feature.

You must have to take given simple steps to start pin apps in Android Lollipop.

How to Start Pin apps in Android Lollipop

Step 1: If you want to pin or lock your screen with certain app then first you have to unlock your phone.

Step 2: Tap on the Settings > Security option > Scroll down the available options in the Security window and locate “Screen-pinning” option. By default Screen pinning is turn off.

Step 3: You have to tap on the Screen pinning option and turn on this feature. After turn on this feature you have to start that app which you want to pin on the screen. You have to choose any particular app which recent all running apps on your Android phone.

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Step 4: Now tap on the Pin icon to lock or pin the screen on your Android Lollipop > Now, tap on the “Got It” option. You can view a message that your screen is pinned. After the pinning your can only swipe your phone screen left to right or right to left.

Note: If you want to unlock or unpin the screen pinning then you have to touch and hold the back button from your Android phone.

Hopefully after reading this guide you can understand how to start Pin apps in Android Lollipop. If you have any suggestion regarding this guide then please write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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