Samsung S4 Boot animation and audio with video tutorial

Hi, this is Samsung S4 boot animation with audio for any Android Device. It works well in Micromax A110, A116 and other Android phones. It is outstanding animation and design by Samsung. The Boot Animation of Android has uncompressed zip file which is called You can find this file in the media folder of your phone system folder. In this single file all the information which is required to play the boot animation are saved. This file itself loaded when your device boots. It means changing the boot animation means editing or replacing this file on your device. Here you will see all steps to change Boot Animation of your phone.

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Download Samsung S4 Boot Animation:

Samsung S4 Boot Animation for 480 x 800 Click here and 720 x 1280 Click here 

Samsung S4 Boot Audio Click here 

Steps to install Samsung S4 Boot animation and audio:

Step 1. First of all Download Samsung S4 Audio and Boot Animation according to your screen size >>> and copy these files on your SD Card >>> Now open root explorer app >>> you will get a popup tab from Su app >>> tap on “Grant” to give the permission root explorer app for root access. Now go to your phone storage where you saved your Samsung S4 Boot animation and copy these and bootaudio.mp3 files. Make sure these file names should be and bootaudio.mp3.

Step 2. After then goes to the system folder >>> then tap on media folder >>> Now tap on “paste” (Paste option show at the bottom) >>> you will get a warning message then tap on the “yes” >>> your boot animation overwrite on stock boot animation.

Step 3. Now your boot animation changed, but it’s not work without set permission. So you must set read or write permission on boot animation file >>> Press and hold few second on these files one by one >>>  you will get a list of options, tap on permission >>> you will get a new tab >>> tick on owner, group and other for read permission but write permission tick only owner >>> then tap on OK.

Step 4. That’s all. Now reboot your phone and you will see your boot animation working or not.

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