Easy tricks to repair Smartphone yourself at home

Sometime you have to face lot of problems when your smartphone does not working properly. There are lot of problems which you never stop just like drop, scratch and crash on your phone. Sometime few small problems of your smartphone are look like bigger. In this guide we have to discuss few easy trick to repair smartphone yourself at home.

If you have little bit problem in your smartphone and take your phone to service centre then you have to pay lot of money to repair your smartphone. Lot of person like to bring new smartphone then older phone. But this is not proper solution if you don’t have enough amount to buy new smartphone then what you have to do. But there is no need to worry after reading this guide you can easily repair phone yourself at home.

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Easy tricks to repair smartphone yourself at home

Lot of time small problems looks like great problems due to which you have to pay lot of amount to repair your smartphone. In this guide we have to discuss few easy tricks which helps you to repair smartphone yourself at home.

Easy tricks to repair smartphone yourself at home

Home button not working

Lot of person have to face this type of problem in his smartphone. If your home button does not working properly on your Android or smartphone then you have use nail remover or alcohol to solve this problem. But during doing this job first you have to turn off your phone. After that you have to use nail remove or alcohol with ear bird to clean the home button of your smartphone.

Fix loose charging port

If you have to charge your phone with micro USB port lot of time with in a day but after some time your phone does not charging properly. Lot of dust fix in your USB port due to which your phone does not charge properly. If you want to fix that problem you have to use a thin, sharpened toothpick to clean the dust. After clean micro USB port of your smartphone you can easily fix loosing charging port problem.

Use Silica gel packs

At present there is a lot of rain in most of the area due to which you smartphone wet with the water. Wet smartphone generate lot of problems and sometime you will be lost your phone. If your phone or charger wet with the water and you try to charge him then your phone will be damaged. At this situation most of the person must have to put his wet phone in rice jar which consume the water and humidity from your phone. You have another choice to use silica gel packs which adsorption the water and humidity from your phone. It is another important tricks to repair Android phone yourself at home.

Fix Earphone problem

Sometime your earphone does not working problem. You have to listen too much slow sound with your earphone. There are two important reasons of this problem either wire of earphone are damaged or lot of dust goes inside the earphone. If you feel lot of dust goes inside the earphone of your smartphone then you must have to use safety pin or earwax to clean the dust from you phone. After clean your earphone you feel sound problem will be resolved from your earphone.

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Damaged cable

Sometime cable of your smartphone is twisted or broken in that situation your phone does not working properly. If you want to fix damaged cable problem, then you have to use wax in the middle of your cable. Wax, Clay or plastic dip, are too much helpful to repair the damaged cable as before. After fix damaged cable problem you can seems it would be working fine. With this further decreases the scope of failure.

Overheating problem

Overheating is most of the common problem which is found in different smartphone. The overheating problem can be both software or hardware problem. In that situation first you have to check the phone battery. If your phone battery damaged then immediately replace with new original phone battery. You can also remove all those apps which are consuming lot of battery from your phone due to which overheating problem generated. It is another important and easy to use tricks to repair phone yourself at home.

Fix scratches problem

Sometime due to the send, dirt, coins or keys your phone gets scratched up. If you want to keep your phone scratch free then you have to brush the bezel. You can also use sandpaper the back to get the shiny and smooth body of your smartphone. You can also use screen protectors on your phone screen.

I hope after reading this guide you can easily understand easy tricks to repair phone yourself at home. If you seem these small problems on your phone then you can easily repair them yourself. If you have any suggestion regarding this article please write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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