How to protect your laptop from overheating problem

After some time summer season will be started and during that session you have to take care your electronic gadgets. During lot of humidity and summer environment your electronic gadgets generate lot of heat. Due to that your electronic devices will not working properly. Today we have to discuss few easy and interesting tips and trick from which you know how to protect your laptop from overheating problem.

How to protect laptop from overheating problem

During summer session, environment is too much hot. At that time electronic gadgets will not function proper working. If you want to protect laptop from overheating problem then you just take following given simple tips to overcome that situation.

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How to protect your laptop from overheating problem

Clean CPU, Battery and Fan:

Dust is the main cause due to which your laptop generate overheating problem. You have to clean the dust from your laptop CPU, battery and fan within regular interval. You have to remove battery from your laptop then after blow with canned air. During blowing you have to keep normal pressure of your canned air blower.

During cleaning the dust you have to keep few important things which you don’t try to do:

1. Don’t try to clean the dust with wet cloth.
2. Don’t try to fold blades of your CPU.
3. Immediately close the laptop if your CPU fan is not working properly.

Use Cooling Kit:

Lot of person love to use cooling kit to prevent overheating problem of your laptop. With the help of cooling kit you will be able to easily keep safe and cool your laptop. These cooling kits are easily available in the market and cheap in the cost. Most of the old technology laptop generate overheating problem, now cooling kit is the best way to overcome overheating problem. During buying the cooling kit you have to check and match the design of cooling kit with your laptop.

Put on flat surface:

Most the person put his laptop on the bed or pilo during the working. Due to which fan is not able to take proper cooling and overheating problem will be started. Most of the time there are lot of dust and small pics of cotton also fix into the fan. If you are doing work on the laptop at home then you have to use a flat surface in which proper air goes into the CPU. You can also use cooling mat on which you have to put your laptop and start working. You have to put your laptop on any flat and hard surface like table, book or any other thing due to that your laptop overheating problem will be solved.

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Keep Care of battery:

If your want to protect laptop from overheating problem then you have to take care of your laptop battery in summer season. There are few important important things which keep safe your laptop battery due to overheating problem, have a look:

1. During charging your laptop put your charger slightly.
2. Use original company charger.
3. After complete charging remove the charger.
4. Don’t use laptop during generating lot of heat.
5. If your laptop consume lot of battery then replace the battery.

Now after reading this article you will be able to know how to protect your laptop from overheating problem in summer season. We have to take proper care of our all electronic gadgets. If you have any suggestions regarding this article then write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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