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How to send an e-mail secretly from Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’

Google continues to bring new features to improve its users’ privacy. In this episode Google has now launched a new feature for its email service ie Gmail. With this feature launched in the name of Confidential Mode, users can protect the e-mail they send from ‘passcode’. The most striking feature of this feature is that with the help of this, the unauthorized use of email will be prevented. Confidential mode generates a passcode through Google before the email is sent. This new Gmail feature can be used on computers and laptops as well as on Android and iPhone. Let’s know how to send an e-mail secretly from Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’. Read More

How to watch YouTube videos without Wi-Fi or data

Sometimes we have to go to a place where there is no internet connection or if there is a slow. In this way, your phone’s connectivity will end. By the way, you have to face many difficulties without having internet. One of these troubles is not watching YouTube videos. If you have a passion to watch the videos and you have faced this problem, here we are telling you the solution to watch YouTube videos without Wi-Fi or data. Read More

Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo charger will full charge battery in 17 minutes

Nowadays, HiTech smartphones equipped with the latest technology in the market. These smartphone comes with tremendous features but they consume a lot of battery and this is the reason why they have to be charged repeatedly. So far in the case of fast charging, Oppo’s SuperVOOC is on the first rung. According to the latest news, Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo Charger will launch today, which will charge your smartphone battery in just 17 minutes. Read More

Apple launches Apple Arcade, Apple TV and Apple Card in Apple Event

Apple has launched three new subscription services at the Apple Event held in California. Apple has launched Apple TV +, Apple Arcade (Gaming Bundle), all-you-can-read Magazine subscription, and Apple Credit Card with Partnership of Goldman Sachs. Apple has focused on the subscription service this time, whose main goal is to increase the revenues of the company. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said on this occasion, “We are also making a growing collection of world-class services, our present day event is about this.” Let’s know in detail about these services of Apple. Read More

Whatsapp new feature will tell you how many times you forwarded the message

The way you can find out on Facebook or Twitter, how many times have been shared or retweeted. In the same way, there is a new feature in WhatsApp which will tell how often you have forwarded the message. Apart from this, Whatsapp is working on another feature which will continuously detect messages being forwarded to the message. Through this feature if you have forwarded a message more than 4 times, it will be able to track it. In this article, we will tell you the Whatsapp’s new feature whatsapp forward message feature. Read More

How to send images without spoiling quality on WhatsApp

When you send an image file to someone on WhatsApp, its quality gets worse. Or say that the quality of the image falls against the original image. Many times it happens that we have to send a good quality image to someone, but the quality of the image gets spoiled after sending the image through WhatsApp. To overcome this problem, today we are going to tell you two ways that you can send images without spoiling quality on WhatsApp. Read More