LBE Security in English best Security App for Android

Hello friends, At present time most of the mobile manufacturer companies launch budgeted smartphone which comes with different great features and latest technology. Today we have to discuss about the LBE Security in English best Security App for Android smartphone. At present time lot of apps available in the market there are few apps and free to use and others are chargeable. The LBE Security is now released with multiple Languages like English, French & German. Best Security app for Android phone now. This is fabulous security app for all Android phones. This is a small size app, it is occupied only 855 KB space on your phone memory and it is free to use app which is available on the Google play store for Android 2.0 or upper version of Android. So install this app on your phone and secure your Android phone.

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Features of LBE Security app:

LBE Security app has clean designed, simple user interface and more user friendly app. It’s add new function like face recognition, LBE task manager, call blocking and program lock function. This app support for CDMA network Smartphones and you can use three second delay call ringing by this app. By this app you can easily block spam notification and messages. You can optimize and reduced memory usage and clean SD card in depth by LBE app.


Install from Google play Store: LBE Privacy Guard

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