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Firmware Update

How to update Micromax A110 with official Jelly Bean V3 1.10

A simple tutorial to update Micromax A110 Canvas 2 with official Jelly Bean V3 stock Rom V3 1.10. upgraded OS ICS to Jelly bean.

Micromax release new update stock Rom V3 1.10 of Micromax  A110 Canvas 2. In this official Jelly Bean V3 1.10 and update Operating system is upgraded from ICS to Jelly bean. Micromax will release Android 4.4 KitKat update for Micromax Canvas 2 soon.

Micromax A110 is superb phone and first popular phone from Micromax side. It has 1GHz Dual core processor with MT6577 chipset. Canvas 2 has 512MB RAM and 4GB Rom with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. It has 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera for video chat.  This is third update of canvas 2 stock Rom V3 Jelly Bean, previous update was Stock Rom V2 ICS 4.0.4. Now this update your phone with Jelly bean.

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Preparation of flash or update:

1. Take a backup of your phone Click here.
2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
3. Make sure proper power backup of your PC.
4. Read all steps then do it careful.

Download ROM and Tools of Micromax A110 Canvas 2:

File Name Download link
Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Stock Rom V3 Download
Micromax A110 Canvas 2 SP Tool v3.1220 Download
Micromax A110 Canvas 2 USB Driver Download

Steps to update Micromax A110 Canvas 2 with official Jelly Bean V3:

Step 1: Install drivers in your PC (If you feel any problem in install driver and Enable USB Debugging on your Phone. Go to Settings >>> Developer options >>> USB debugging check it ( If your phone have Android 4.2 or upper version then see how to enable Developer options here is guide of this Click here). After then switch off your phone.


Step 2:  Extract the Stock ROM folder where you want then Extract and open the SP Tool. and run Sptool.exe Run as Administrator


Step 3: You will see an SP tool window, now click on the scatter-Loading option in the SP tool. Then you will get the new tab of SP Tool which you ask the location of the scatter file on your PC. You will find this scatter file in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Now go to the Rom folder and select the file “Android_scatter_emmc.txt”. See in this image.


Step 4:  Now You will see two options for flashing Rom, first is “firmware upgrade” option which is used to update or flash your Rom without deleting your data and second one is “Download” option this is work for format your phone then flash Stock Rom ( like fresh Rom installation). So choose according to your requirement and I suggest, click on the “Download” option and flash fresh Rom on your phone.

Step 5: Now connect your switch off phone to the PC via USB cable  (Make sure your phone is switched off). SP Tool detect your phone and process will start. See in below image. If Sptool is not recognize/detect your phone then install vcom driver read this post it will help you click here  (Driver already in phone flash drive if you don’t have these drivers then install it)


Step 6: Now Sptool start downloading Stock Rom in your phone by flashing.


Note: Don’t interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device. Make sure no power interruption takes place.

Step 7:  After the process complete, a green ring will appear.


Step 8: Disconnect your phone. Now your phone is updated.

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After update official Jelly Bean V3, you can Root Canvas 2 because root allows you to use a maximum of your phone without any restrictions. After root you will install custom apps, custom Rom and custom setting in your phone. We already discuss on Root Advantage and Disadvantage by earlier post and we already saw “How to Root Micromax A110 Canvas 2” in earlier post.

Some useful guide of Micromax A110 Canvas 2:

I hope you like this new update Micromax A110 with official Jelly Bean V3 1.10 installation guide from which you will be able to easily install new update Micromax A110 with official Jelly Bean V3 1.10 without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

Note: Read carefully then do these steps. It is tested then post, I am not responsible for any loss.



Flash V3 Rom on your mobile by Sptool. If your set your camera 12MP to 8 MP and sharpness set on high then your camera work prefect. And you can use 4.4 kitkat camera app, it is work very nice on Micromax A110 click here

hi abhishek,yester day i had updated 4.2.1 on my canvas A116 HD ,but after updating my sims are not detecting and sim management is disabled.
can u sort out this ya

If your have signal problem from this Rom then replace your old modem.img to new os Micromax Jelly Bean

here is guide : –
open root explorer go to system folder
replace System/etc/firmware/modem.img and set permission wr-r-r

i clicked "Download" after following the procedure. the device is not getting detected after i switch off and plug my micromax a110 (i have installed devices already).

Dear Abhishek
My mm a 110 is still on pics.Could I flash jelly bean 3 directly on it? I mean without going through jb versions 1 and 2.please be kind enough to let me know by sending me an email.

[email protected]

problem with wifi is still not solve ,before it was on 4.0.4 version and wifi was working perfect ,flash with 4.1.1 with just download click option .can i have your nos to discus problm or pls give any good sloution to solve my problem

After update, I've problem with wifi and internet.
Even if wifi is connected or data connection is on, wifi signals are not showing up. Also cannot cannot open play store or Google…

hey abhishek plz tell me how to fix gps location issue in mah micromax canvas 2 plus a110q ……….. i m waiting for your reply

i am following the above steps, i have windows 7, but the phone just stuck 0% and searching
All drivers are properly installed, it just start charging.
Please provide me the solution

after charging disconnect your phone
remove battery 5 min then put it again
and connect your phone ( before connect your phone you must click on download option )

do it

good day

done that and now Jelly Bean Thanx
NOw i just want to know i have taken my contacts and sms backup in SuperBackup App , but now i am unable to restore them
How can i restore

hello, in some of the videos they click on update on sptools for updating canvas 2 & in some of the videos they click on the download botton on sp tools. which sould i follow??? & after updating jb on my canvas 2 is it required to root it?? if yes then why??? rply me…plzz

I have upgrade my Canvas A110 to JB from Micromax Service station but my internet from Sim card is not working (but play store is accessible and download is running) but watsapp and FB yahoo and gmail is not working while it is working very fine on connecting to Wifi pls suggest wat has to be done

open sp tool
load scatter file after that first click to download
then connect your switch off phone

if not work these steps then install Cynus T2 V17.01 Jelly Bean Click Here
it is Best Rom for Canvas 2
I am use this also

hello abhishek sharma ji…
i have updated my phn to JB,but now its proximity sensor is not working properly so i want to revert back to ICS. need help…i have also downloaded ICS stock ROM…but sptools doesn't find my phone…it continuous show "searching"
plzz help me plz…

Hello Abhishek ji… i just wana know is this JB Rom has gps.conf file.. what is making me to ask this quary is.. in the official JB rom strange thing was that it did't had this file. Second about its #G service.. in the back cover its written 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5.2 Mbps smthing HSUPA.. i used aircel sim converted to 3G..and used a specified net pack and it did change from (E) to (3g) then (H).. first day it gave me gr8 speed but the next day it showed a lesser efficiency. So, i used apk to test it.. and it is showing 0.14 & 0.10 Mbps..(and sometime even more less).. why is that.. Is it bcz of the net pack or smthing else… plz mail me and give me a clear detail of this.. I also tried some tweaks.. but aah..!! plz help me in this matter..

Hi! I'm planning to upgrade my MyPhone A919 (Micromax A110) which is still on ICS to Jelly Bean. Should my phone be rooted first before doing this or can I automatically upgrade from ICS to JB just by following the instructions you gave above?

So first step is install cynus T2 ROM without rooting. Second step is to ROOT after cynus T2 ROM. :) Then after I do these steps, I can upgrade my phone to JB V3, did I get it right? :)

Sir can you help me i have upgraded my myphone a919 to jellybean for micromax a110 like in that post but when i have upgraded there is no rear cam to switch just front cam is appearing and functioning?do you know how to fix it?my friends in facebook do not have that problem when they have upgraded but we have the same cellphone please help me

Hi Abhishek
Need help, does upgrading to jelly bean also upgrades languages. i need to install Russian language in canvas 2. it doesnt matter if operating system ll be icecream or jelly bean

Dear Abhishek when i Connect my mobile to PC in Off mode It start Charging and MY PC recognise for few sec. soo SP Tool is not Recognising my phone.
Please provide me a solution for this


how to do that??

Switch off your phone then press & hold Vol. Up and Down key + power button
after then get two option
press Vol. up key and select recovery option

chose wipe cache
and reboot

if problem not resolve the select reset option

good day

install these driver
Micromax A110 Vcom Driver
switch off your phone
open sptool run as administrator sptool.exe
select scatter file
then click Download
then connect your switch off mobile
not search then after few min battery icon come then disconnect
then once again connect
i think your phone will detect
Good day

I am facing some wierd problem after upgrading to jellybean. My GPS locks when I do it through GPS test application but when I switch to map it disconnetcs the lock and again keep on blinking GPS icon and it never connects through map. When I again move to GPS test app it locks. What could be the problem and possible workaround?

Bro I don't want to void my phones warranty that's why I'm asking u to upload latest jb updates

After jelly bean upgrade…headphone buttons are
not working for music switch and system is
eating too much RAM..only 80to 100MB RAM is
found free….any suggestion….plz..
provide updated jb ASAP plzzz

update ver is S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.11

Software release notes:
1. Operating system is upgraded from ICS to Jelly bean.
2. M! Store is removed.
3. New wallpapers are integrated.
4. Software is backward compatible with old TP available(BYD Make).
5. Power on animation is changed.

Hardware release notes:
1.TP is changed from BYD to BAOMING.

SP flash tool is not detecting my phone.. its keep on searching.. i did everything correctly.. opened as administrator, installed divers, switched off phone.. tried all the available ports. etc.. i am using windows 8…. plz help

install these driver
Micromax A110 Vcom Driver
switch off your phone
open sptool run as administrator sptool.exe
select scatter file
then click Download
then connect your switch off mobile
not search then after few min battery icon come then disconnect
then once again connect
i think your phone will detect

I just called local Micromax service center to
confirm about JB update and they said update
is available with them but Micromax has just
called them not to update handsets as there
are some bugs with this JB version so they are
going to provide one more JB update in next 10
to 15 days. is that true..??

I followed the above steps. after pressing firmware->upgrade the flash tool detected the phone and process started. After thet i got a message BROM ERROR : S_FT_FORMAT_FAIL (4010). Now the phone is nor Switching ON, neither being detected by Flashing Tool. Worried What hass Gone Wrong

"email service stopped due to low storage" i am getting this error when configured gmail and then exchange account…

even though having enough space internal as well external..

what i need to do to get ride of this message

hey i hav dwnloaded a jellybean setup from (Dev-Host).. when i m copng it in my sd card for installing .. i didnt see it .. can u plzz tell me what to do now..

plzz tell me in a easy way!

what is the first step to upgrading my a110 into jellybean? first can i upgrade my phone(install jellybean)? or first can i rooting my phone? i m confuse so plz help me out

Hi abhishek!
there was one feature cynus t2 rom which gives call connect vibrate, whereas micromax has removed that feature in official jell bean update, is it possbile to get that feature i tried various app but not working on micromax a110 jelly bean updated rom.

hi abhishek!
i didnt find an option there,is there any other way to activate call connect notification?

i was not asking that..there's one feature which vibrates when outgoing call gets picked up ,this feature was in cynus t2 rom but not in micromax jelly updated rom.

After installing the jb update to my canvas 2 is there any chance of voiding my phone warranty…??? Plzzz do reply

try this
Change ur imei by this method

1- go to em with this code "* # * # 3646633 # * # *" (just type it on call pad)
2- then follow that path –> CDS info –> Radio info –> Phone1 (for the first imei)
3- at the top there is a command line which begins "AT+" just type there "AT +EGMR=1,7,"IMEI_1" (instead of IMEI_1 put your first imei number)
4- hit send command
5-if you done just reboot the phone, if you change the second imei go to step 2 and select "Phone2"
6-and enter the code "AT +EGMR=1,10,"IMEI_2" (instead of IMEI_2 put your second imei number) hit send command

are the drivers required to install on the phone or the pc ?
please provide me with link of the drivers, which i need to download .

Well the update went wrong for me, I used the Smart Phone Flash Tool, i switched off my Canvas 2 and connected it to my PC via usb cable and clicked Download in the Smart Phone Flash Tool, but disconnected the phone later… Now nothing is getting downloaded in the software and also my phone is not starting up.. What to do…? Please help

read this post careful. use only this post sptool & update file

open sptool run as administrator sptool.exe (if you are using Window 7 or 8)
close firewall when updating your phone

click on download

remove battery the put it again

don't switch on your phone

connect phone to PC

after same time phone detect by PC

start flash your phone
don't interrupt this processes
green ring appear then disconnect your phone
switch on


after flashing it to new JB update i got this update message from OTA

“System updates

During update, any operation is disabled. It will take a few minutes.

Update now”

after clicking “ok” but nothing is happening and its still shows like this

i got screenshot also for this…

Is this normal or something else….

Please suggest what it is…

I am also facing same issue… it says ota update is available but nothing is happening on click of OK button.

now replace your old modem.img to new os Micromax Jelly Bean
open root explorer go to system folder
replace System/etc/firmware/modem.img and set permission wr-r-r
Reboot……..Enjoy Jelly Bean

after flashing TWRP recovery i start fone in recovery mode for instaling superSu but in recovery Mod fone struc in TWRP display screen….may be i place supersu zip in extrnl sd card instead of internal mem. please advice

just now update to new rom but there few things is missing like wi-fi direct, tv out function etc what we found these in custom rom or Cynus T2 jellyBean update..

if we want these then how to do it? and also wallpapers from cynus rom..

Okay Thank You bro,
but I have heard that Micromax not gone provide the updates of JB over the air (OTA)
use have to take your mobile to authorized service center

Hi Abhishek..!!
I want to know that is this rom is official or custom rom ?
I don't want to void my phones warranty
so please help me

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