How to unlock android phone after too many attempt in pattern security

Google makes Android more secure with every new version of Android and it must be, but sometime this security make problem for us. When your phone, WiFi and data connection off and your phone lock by too many attempt in pattern security by your family then it makes difficult to unlock your phone.

We saw so many times new security features makes difficult for us. Pattern security makes your phone secure, but we make a wrong pattern so many times. Then it will lock your phone for security. So in this case this method helps you to solve your problem and get your phone back. First, you had tried standard methods, as like typing password and try to unlock with your Google account. If all method fails, then use this method.


First Method to unlock android phone after too many attempt: –

Step 1: Restart your Android Phone.

Step 2: Before start Android boot animation, tap on your phone “Home Button” as many times and as quickly as possible. Ignore any screen that pops up, like emergency calls etc.

Step 3: If this method does not work and you are not logged into your Android Phone successfully, then try it few more times.Step 4: If you have got brilliant timing, you can access your Android Phone. Step 5: Go to settings and cancel the Unlock Pattern. feel free enjoy.

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Second Method to unlock android phone after too many attempt :

Step 1: Remove Battery of your phone for few second

Step 2: Put it again

Step 3: Press & hold Power button and Volume up and down key for few second

Step 4: Select Recovery Mode by pressing volume up key

Step 5: Choose wipe and factory reset option

Step 6: Now reboot your phone. That’s all

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I hope you solve your problem with this guide from which you will be able to easily unlock android phone after too many attempt in pattern security without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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