How to solve Battery Problems with Battery Calibration app

Hello friends, At present time most of the mobile manufacturer companies launch budgeted smartphone which comes with different great features and latest technology. Today we have to discuss about battery problem, we know very well android smartphone consume lot of mobile battery and that’s why we are facing problems lot of time. Mostly Android Phone have battery problem and Battery Calibration app solve these problem. It is useful tool to make Battery Calibration easy. This is very small size app and every one use this app because it have user friendly layout. Battery Calibration app help to improve your battery. So use this app for your phone.

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Steps to solve Battery Problems with Battery Calibration App:

Step 1. Install Battery Calibration app from Google play store Click here. it is free app on Play Store  and it is small size app only 47 KB size.

Step 2. After then 100% charge your phone Battery. Now First remove charger, Then Immediately hit “Battery Calibration”. 1 or 2 seconds delay is OK, wait for  battery voltage to drop and be stable.

Step 3. Now use your phone normally and don’t charge in between till it comes on 1%. when your phone comes on 1% then charge your phone uninterrupted till 100%. Don’t leave it for charging all night.

Step 4. disconnect and start using. You should be having as little as 2-5% battery drain for 6-8 hours of idling now.

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I hope you like this Battery Calibration app guide from which you will be able to easily solve Battery Problems with Battery Calibration app without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

74 response on “How to solve Battery Problems with Battery Calibration app

  1. Dominic

    Hi ,. My micromaxq469 canvas has battery draining problem after charging 100% it starts dropping immediately wat shud b done I killed all running apps n no useless software or data installed can u pls help thanks

  2. Paras

    Guys im on yu5010a and ibinstalled custom rom of miui8 but im facing low battery shutdowns at 15to20% battery. Is ur method will work on my phone or not

  3. Sagar

    My YU yureka A05510 suddenly my phone is getting switched off and my battery percentage also decreases and increases with every restart. I factory reset my phone but still not resolved.plz help…thanku

  4. sunil bharti

    My yureka phone is charing when it is switched off but it takes long time to charge 100 percent approx 8 to 10 hrs.
    But not charging when switch on.
    What can be the possible cause and how I remove it
    Plz suggest

  5. ashok kumar

    Hi my A117 micromax doesnot chearge when it is on i have to switch off to charge it ..plzz help

  6. Ravinder yadav

    hlo sir

    i am using micromax a117

    mere phone ki original battery damage ho gyi bt mne jb new battery li to 100% charging krne k baad 58% se direct 0% within 10 min
    yhi problem old battery k sath thi jo ki original thi
    ye problem kuch din baad hi start ho gyi thi jb mne new phone liya tha

    plz help me

    thank you!!!

  7. Althaf Sadique

    hello abisheik
    i have already callibrated my battery but i have changed rom from custom rom to stock jelly bean in my micromax a110 now after charging till 100% i have callibrated bt its showing error batterystats.bin file not found i have deleted batterystats.bin file from memory so this error occuring now what to do please help me thank you

  8. Atul Enjoying with studies

    hello abhishek i am atul dubeu i jave Michaelomax a110canvas 2 mobile. i m usimg suvi rom v15 but have battey pblm.o used battery calibration but not resolve…plz tell me to n where to paste battery.binfile…i mean how to access root folder…where android file get installed…

  9. Yatin

    Abhishek Sharma Ji…..
    Followed the Batterystats.bin replacing method!!!
    Found battery % indicating problem solution after months because of you!!!!!
    Tussi great ho!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks alot!!!
    God bless you!!

  10. vinoth

    I am using Micromax A110 and using suvi ROM V16. I did not got the link for Cynus ROM. If you please send it to me.

    Why in my current ROM battery calibration not working?

  11. vinoth

    I have done the battery calibration as per the steps mentioned above, but i don't see any improvement on my battery back up. Currently i am using Suvi Stock ROM in my device . Can you help me what do i need to solve this…

  12. Gaurav Shakya

    Sir, when I replace Batterystats.bin (which is 88 bytes) in system to your Batterystats.bin (which is approx.. 27 KB) , Then After Reebot this .bin again same as 88 bytes .
    Plz tell mee what I do with these file.

    1. Gaurav Shakya

      After calibration, it says
      "Warning! Batterystats.bin not found!
      If u you've just calibrated your phone ignore this message.
      If you've never calibrated your phone before,I am sorry but your phone is not supported."
      What does it mean…

  13. Priya

    Hello bro
    Can u plz tell how to root and install cwm after updating to JB from stock ICS. I have got JB from MMx customer care immediately after purchasing Canvas2.

  14. Priya

    Hello bro
    Can u plz tell how to root and install cwm after updating to JB from stock ICS. I have got JB from MMx customer care immediately after purchasing Canvas2.

  15. Lal Bahadur Ayer

    Battery Callibration – For Micromax A110/MyPhone 919 / Q10 Noir Follow the Steps mentioned below….:-
    1. Make sure battery is at 100% and then Leave it on charge for 15 minutes.
    2. Without Disconnecting the Charger just boot in to Recovery(Dont dis-connect the charger)
    3. Then go to advanced in then wipe battery status.
    4. Then reboot to system.
    5. It will show you somewhere 97%.
    6. Let it get full charged again… You are Done Now….

  16. Anonymous

    Does phone needs to be in switched off mode while downloading the file or in switched on mode?

  17. Lal Bahadur Ayer

    Hey Bry I Try Battery Calibration Method But it's Won't Work but Batterystats.bin file copy method I think it's work do you find any. bin file reader app pls tell me

  18. Prateek David

    hi i have updated mt a110 to Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean.its very good but i have problem with the battery ..the battery always show wrong battery percentage..when ever i reboot my phone it always showed increased percentage…how could i get the exact battery percentage…please guide…

  19. Lal Bahadur Ayer

    Hey Bro I'm Using JMP V8 JB Rom Based on Micromax A110 I Try Root Explore and Replaced This file But not work any permission set for root explore How to replace please tell me

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      open Root Explore copy this file the paste in data folder then set permission wr—— ok then move to system folder
      one gain i am tell you this file path /data/system/batterystat.bin


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