How to get read or write permission in Android phone

Hi, Today we know, How to get read or write permission in Android phone by this article. I try to make this guide very easy and simple to get easily read or write permission of your Android phone. It is necessary to change on Android system folders. Every change required to read or write permission in Android.

Android is outstanding OS, you can easily modify it like change boot animation, Touch, camera and lock sound and change your camera app and keyboard, etc. But for these changes you must have read or write permission of your Android phone root folder.

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Steps to get read-write permission in Smartphone:

Step 1. Open Root Explorer app. You will see Root and storage if you tap on root, then you will see the left side under the root “Mounted as r/o and just near of it you will mount R/W button. When you open a root explorer app, this set by default on “Mount R/W” but in this condition you have only read permission. See in the image.


Step 2.  When you tap on “Mount R/W” button, you will see a popup tab from Su app. Tap on “Grant” and give permission to Root explorer for access root folder. Now you will “Mount as r/o” changed into “Mount as r/w” and “Mount R/W” button changed into “Mount R/o” button. In this condition you have read and write permission to root folder of the Android phone . See in the image.


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So change your phone permission and customize your Android phone according to you, but after use, it must be set to readonly for safe and secure your phone. I hope you like this read or write permission on Android guide from which you will be able to easily get read & write permission on your Android Smartphone without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.