Engineering mode & TV out for Micromax A110, Mediatek phones

You can change in you phone according to you by Engineering code on all Micromax phone. you can increase you phone speaker volume by Engineering mode.

Hello friends, At present time most of the mobile manufacturer companies launch budgeted smartphone which comes with different great features and latest technology. Today we have discuss on how to use Engineering mode code for Micromax and other Mediatek smartphone. This is very use full code for Micromax and other Mediatek (MTK) Smartphone.

Engineering code help to make change easy in our phone according to us. But you should carefully make change on your phone by the Engineering mode. If you want to make change Before change default setting in the mode then, you should write default setting in the notepad then after make change in the mode. This is very easy and useful for you. After reading this article you will be able to easily edit your Android Smartphone setting as per your need.

Engineering mode:

Step 1: Phone dial pad on your phone

Step 2: Type code *#*#3646633#*#* or *#4634#

Step 3: when you finish typing then you will see Engineer Mode on your screen.

that’s all. See in this picture:


You can change in your Network setting, GPRS, Bluetooth, FM receiver, WiFi, CDS information, Audio, Camera setting and Display setting , YGPS etc. without root your phone by Engineering mode. But do be carefully. I am giving you an example of Engineer mode by increase speaker volume.

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Like Increase speaker volume by Engineering mode:

1. Go to loudspeaker

2. Volume

3. Set max volume: from 128->150

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Connect the MMX A110 to MHL adapter then to your TV through HDMI.

I hope you like this Engineering mode guide from which you will be able to easily edit your Android Smartphone setting. If you like this article or have any problem in this guide then please give your important suggestions in the comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. Hi, Team,

    I have Micro max mobile Canvas 2 model after dial in my display not showing end key pad, Speaker icon,
    Kindly solve the issue

  2. Hi…i am using micromax Canvas nitro A311…i want to open the engineering mode.. . But when I typed the… No. Nothing happened… I dialed it also… But no use… Plz Plz Plz Plz help me… and could u tell me… What all are the… Disadvantages and advantages of.. . Engineering mode…? Reply fast as possible….☺☺☺

  3. Hey, hello Abhishek. I have a mircomax canvas a114. someday ago i have rooted my phone. and now i have reset it. but since then invalid imei problem is showing in my phone. I have tried the codes too but nothing is happening. I am not able to go to engineer mode. Can you please help.

  4. Dear Abhisekh I have a YU yureka A05510 model phone .how to connect to led TV please help me fast.

  5. sir mere pas micromax led tv model 32b7200mhd MHL Supported tv hai kiya mein mhl wire or mhl adapter ko kisi bhi android smart phone se connect kar sakta hun ya phir kisi mhl enabled smart phone se hi connect kiya ja sakta hai

      1. Hi,mere pas micromax colours 2 A 120 Model hai, mera phone hdmi to micro cable ke liye competable hai kya ?

  6. i m akshay my phone loudspeaker is very bad it produce very less sound i also try to increase volume in engineering mode but i m unable to find the option of loudspeaker someone plz help me to increase volume of my phone

      1. Abhishek I’m having canvas 2 A110 . But its not connecting in my HDTV . Can u help me how can I connect and with which cable can I connect to my HDTV. Even I’ve seen on YouTube that this mobile screen mirrors with TV . So pls help me out.

  7. I have Micromax a116 volume problem .can't hearing volume other person phone call and not accepte engineering code only phone calls .internet calls volume is good n hearing other person .and sim card is not an India pls help me

  8. Hello Abhishekji,
    I am Mahavir.
    I have Miceomax A110, So I'm calling my mobile light shuts off. You tell me that I am in my mobile phone at just how light can be turned on? I know English is a little less if you answer me in Hindi / Gujarati language give better information,

    1. मेरे पास Miceomax A110 हे, में उससे जब भी कोल करता हु, या कोल रिसीव करता हु, तो उसकी लाईट अपने आप बंद हो जाती हे फिर वापस सरू नहीं होती, और जब तक कोल चालू रहता हे लाईट बंद रहती हे में कोल कट भी नहीं कर सकता, सामने वाल कोल कट करता हे उसके कुछ समय बाद पॉवर की प्रेस करू तभी लाईट सरू होती हे, इस समस्या का कोई उपाय हो तो बताइये?

    2. मेरे पास Miceomax A110 हे उसमे कोल आती हे तो सामने वाले की आवाज बहोत धीमी आती हे क्या एन्जीनियर मोड में आवाज बढाई जा सकती हे?

  9. Hi Abhishek,

    This is a great post. Thank you. Can you please provide details for increasing volume of earpiece? With the maximum default volume the call volume is low.

    1. Also engineer mode not working with code downloaded and installed mtk Engineering mode app but no tv out option is available in it.

  10. I have a LG smart led which supports miracsttm..which i need to connect through my wireless display in display setting in phone detects the tv. Tv detects the phone it connects then it says android not connected.plz let me know what is this issue,.how do i mirror my mm canvas 2clour A120 Phone screen on my tv..does miracast need internet connection?,plz help

  11. Hi.. am using micromax canvas 2.2 A110.. I can't hear anyone unless I put my call on speaker or on ear phones but the one at the other side can hear me perfectly.
    Any suggestions to sort this out pls??

  12. Hi people,
    I have a micromax A117 magnus. I want to connect it to my car dvd player as a tv out so that the videos on my android can be viewed on the car lcd screen connected to dvd player. Request your help

    1. My phone macromax a117 how to coneted lcd tv hdmi port mhl or other convertors plz give me guidance play hd movies a117 to hd lcd tv

  13. hi abhishek sharma

    i have micromax A27, it worked properly before, but now it usually switches off when connected to the charger everty time. please help me with this problem

  14. My micromax LED TV has a USB connection, can i connect it with my micromax android bolt A27 phone with that so that i can see the pictures and videos from the SD CARD in the android phone ?

    please help……………..

    1. My micromax LED TV has a USB connection, can i connect it with my micromax android bolt A27 phone with that so that i can see the pictures and videos from the SD CARD in the android phone ?

      please help……………..

    1. Hi anand

      engineering mode is not solution of your problem.

      i thing it is software problem or hardware,
      if it is software problem then install your Rom
      if it is hardware problem then contact service center

  15. Hi abhi … self ankit ….i have run this code for volume

    .when i had done the volume to 160 then the volume ia getting constnt …..nw its not getting low … wat will i do?

  16. Hello Abhishek,

    Pankaj again…if u remember I had few questions regarding Doodle A111 connectivity with Sony LED TV through USB cable.

    I have two more questions :-

    1st Question : Does Micromax Doodle A111 must be rooted first to open the engineering mode through that *#*#3646633#*#* code ? If not then is there any way to open the engineering mode of A111 Doodle as this code is not working ?

    2nd Question : When I connect another phone like Micromax Canvas 2 to TV through USB cable …then it gives 4 options to selec (1) Mass Storage (2) Media Transfer (3) Charging (4) I think some debugging….and we can easily select Media transfer or Mass Storege …and I can access the SD card folder. However, while connecting Doodle A111 it gives only one option to "ON" or "OFF" the "Mass Storage". Is there any way to get that 4 options in the phone so that I can select the Media Transfer and access the SD Card folder in my Sony LED.

  17. Dear Abhishek I have a MICROMAX A110Q I have tried from the phone dialer *#*#3646633#*#* but Iam unable to locate TV out in the Engineering Mode. Kindly help. I have bought the MHL adapter cable (SONY make) which has a mini USB on one end and HDMI on the other end.

  18. I appreciate the quick response… Abhishek..!!!
    Few more kind questions please…
    When I connect my phone with computer with same steps…I could access SD folders. However, when using same steps to LED TV…not able to see the folder on LED TV. Strange??

    Does OTG works on Doodle A111? if no then is there any apps or way to OTG start working on this phone?

    Further, Micromax Enginerring Code also not working on Doodle A111? Is there any other way to open engineering mode?

  19. Hey, I am not able to connect my Micromax Doodle A111 with Sony LED. I wanna just access the SD card folder where I have movies saved. So when I connect with USB cable it gives me 2 options —(1) Debugging …I already checked that option …and (2) USB Mass Storage turn "ON" or "OFF". I had tried keeping it "ON" but still no folder shown on LED TV. Does that problem reated with TV Out option in Engenerring Mode? Please reply ASAP…thanks for your help on this

  20. Dear Abhishek I have a MICROMAX A110Q I have tried from the phone dialer *#*#3646633#*#* but Iam unable to locate TV out in the Engineering Mode. Kindly help. I have bought the MHL adapter cable (SONY make) which has a mini USB on one end and HDMI on the other end.

  21. I have canvasA110 and I have MHL cable and HDMI cable, I want to connect to my sony EX300 tv. How can I do that? I request you to please provide the complete details. As I am new to this. If you have any vedio it will be great

    1. hi i did not try it
      but some peoples told me it works and some old Canvas 2 missing hardware regarding TV out

      if it will work then pprocess is OTG acble and USB +HDMI cable

      connect otg to mobile then plug USB in otg cable and HDMI connector in TV

  22. Dear abhi,
    you are doing great job for us and thanx to answer me so quickly. how to turn black menu background with wallpaper using on homescreen without installing any launcher for a110

  23. ok
    how to delete assign ringtone to the particular contact?
    open contact –> particular contact –> set ringtone –> tick on default ringtone
    it is fist option

    that's all

  24. Hi, I am using MicroMax Canvas 4, A210, I want to connect by mobile with my HD TV, thro MHL HDMI cable, I am not seeing the TV out option in engineering mode or in the display settings, please tell me how we can do this?

    1. try it For TV Out in Microma canvas 4 A210 :- Connect OTG Cable with your phone —> HDMI Cable (one side USB male and second side HDMI port) —-> connect with TV

  25. HIII ABHI.

  26. A110 has no HDMI out also not with MHL over USB.
    You have to use the 3,5mm Audio Jack with a special cable that is also available cheap for Nokia Phones (CA-75U) and then you have analog video/audio out.

  27. Hi Abhishek,
    I have MMX A116 canvas HD phone. And i just need to know weather this phone has a option of TV out put?
    Can i see this phone on my Videocon HDTV? And if yes pls. suggest me proper cable.
    And also if i have to root my phone or no to see my phone in TV???
    very keen to get reply from you.

    1. i thing it is miss canvas series till now
      TV out hardware missing canvas phone.

      if it is work then use OTG cable + Usb to HDMI cable

      root :- root your phone when TV out work or not
      Because root give max utilization of phone. It's have max plus point as campier negative point.

    2. Thanks Abhishek for your reply. I am a totally new anriod user. can you pls. tell me how do i root my phone?? Or update? i am currently on Jelly bean 4.1.2
      kernal ver. 3.4.5
      thanks pls. help. steap by step. my main aim to do is i have to see my phone on TV.
      thanks…. TC

  28. Hi Abhishek,

    Is it possible to connect micromax canvas a111 to tv via hdmi or by any other wireless means if possible?

  29. Hi abhishek,
    Did u find anybody tried to connect MMX canvas 2 a110 to tv and got success by any mean or by using any ROM.
    Is this possible ?
    Does micro USB or 3.5 mm jack has video output facility in this phone.
    It depend on hardware or software or both?

  30. Hi abhishek,
    Did u find anybody tried to connect MMX canvas 2 a110 to tv and got success by any mean or by using any ROM.
    Is this possible ?
    Does micro USB or 3.5 mm jack has video output facility in this phone.
    It depend on hardware or software or both?

  31. Abhishek, Hi , was just going through the comments on new to your site.. just wanted to know about the ROM new and have absolutely no idea about anything advanced like
    which is the latest software to a116 and how to update..
    does it fix the volume and gps problems..does it affect the quality of sound..
    how to get back to the original ROm ..will this affect warranty
    and finally if you do a factory reset after trying out the engineering option, will it come back to the original values

    looking forward to your reply ..thanks…. Kumar

    1. hi
      this is official update and no warranty issue so update it .
      after update it will come back to the original values.

      don,t worry after update if you it is not official update then we provide V1 stock Rom of this phone.

    2. Hey thanks for the reply:) . So does it solve the problem of gps and volume. Also is there a custom updating software for Micromax A116 like what LG has . I want it to be as simple as possible. Is rooting required? and please post the link to the latest a116 software..


  32. Hi Abhishek, I have an issue with my Micromax A116. I have to reduce the ear volume for each call as the default ear volume is 100%. Is there anything that we can do to change this default setting? Appreciate your help, Man!!

  33. Hi Abhishek, is there a way to increase volume in MIcromax A110, as I feel the voice is a bit low when receiving calls and would it make any difference if I shift from 2g sim to 3g sim.

  34. Hey great!!!… Aything for Micromax canvas HD a116… I bought one…It will be too good if i have some options like this…

  35. Hi , Anybody tried connecting Micromax A1160 to tv using MHL cable / converter.
    Please reply :)

    Thanks in advance.
    By Newbie

  36. Hi ABhi,
    Have u tried tv out with Jelly Bean,Is it working?
    i m going to buy MHL adapter ,what should i do,u will check first and let us know,in JB there is option of tv out (enable/disable) in engineering mode.

  37. Hi,
    Increasing the Loudspeaker volume is cracking the sound. Sound cracks from the Loudspeaker when increasing the max value above 140. The default value is 152, and sound is cracking on this value too, so I reduced the value to 138.
    Please suggest if it is with everyone or only my mobile (A116) has this problem. So that I take it to the Service Center.

  38. Hi
    Is there any option in A116 so that the mobile go to sleep mode but do not lock. I mean it unlock with a touch only and no need to press physical unlock button.

  39. Hi Abhishek, after upgrading to Jelly bean..headphone music switch buttons are not working anymore….plz suggest solution….

    1. Hi ..Thanks for your reply…so does not this mean that you did not face this particular problem in your phone after official JB upgrade…
      Plz confirm….

  40. Hey thxs abhi, I recently updated my Micromax a110 to official jb version. Is it fine now to work with TV out or still ur not sure. I saw option of TV out in engineering mode.

    1. hi kiran with tv we watch move on tv & play game on TV with mobile lots more but it is not clear that micromax a110 tvout is working or not because some people told it is working & same says is not working.

  41. Hi,

    After update to Jelly Bean, my headset button has stopped functioning. Like previously with on lick i can play/pause the music, but now it's not responding. Is there anything i can do in engineermode that will solve this problem?

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      I also have the same issue with the Jelly Bean ROM. This issue is present even in custom ROMS. I flashed SUVI ROM V9 and same issue exists. I reflashed ROM many times, but with no luck. Please let me know if you have a solution for this issue. This is the only reason I keep going back to the stock ROM. Right now, as I'm typing this I'm flashing the stock ROM after testing the SUVI ROM. Thanks in advance for you help.

    2. No Abhishek, Same problem exists in Cynus T2 ROM as well. I flashed it, tested and went back to stock again. Please help here if you have any solution for this. Thanks in advance.

  42. Hi Sir,

    Great Information!!
    Can you please help me with the Engineering Mode for XOLO Q800? I am going to buy one today and it will be very nice of you if you could provide the combination for the engineering mode for this Handset.


    1. Go to play store on the search box type mobile uncle tools install it now open your mobile uncle tools you will see an option engineering mode click on that it will open

  43. Hey abhii

    Thanks for ur resolutions even i messed up with my audio settings…. will my phone behave as new once once i change the settings back to default audio settings

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      I'm using SUVI v9 ROM. Everything works fine except that during phone call using the head phone, the other person can not hear me clearly. I need to speak quite loud. I reverted to JMP ROM which I used earlier and I don't face this issue, meaning the head phone is okay and there is some problem with SUVI ROM. Could you please help? Is there any setting I can change? Thanks.

  44. dehey abhishek really stuck up with my phone i have mhl cable hdmi cable but when i conncet to the tv i cannot see see anything.i have neither updated my phone it is the same as it was on the day i buyed it plzz help me out.

    1. so abhishek if i have the jelly bean update will i be able to connect micromax a110 to tv?
      moreover how was the tv display when you connected.ABHISHEK CAN YOU PLEASE UPLOAD A VIDEO "HOW TO CONNECT A110 TO HDMI IN TV".

  45. ya tv has hdmi port i use mhl cable which has microusb one side and male hdmi pin on another side so i directly connect but not working. i think otg is use only for pendrive.

  46. i have mhl cable (micro usb to hdmi) n using cynus T2 jelly bean ROM( for micromax a110) but TV OUT not working plz help. post a screenshot of TV out working

  47. Hello Abhishek,

    I messed with the Audio Setting for Value for both Headset Mode and Loudspeaker Mode.
    Please can someone let me know the default setting for Audio; Headset Mode [Value, Max Vol] and LoudSpeaker Mode [Value].

    Thanks in advance.

  48. if you update with cynus T2 Jelly Bean Rom than you get by default TV out setting in display option

    this best rom for Micomax A110 update now with Stock Rom Cynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1

  49. currently on suvi ROM v3 when I enter into engineer mode TV out option not showing there I have mhl cable n HDMI cable. please post TV out patch so that I can use TV out on suvi ROM

  50. My a110 phone came with v2 ROM. I flashed with Mobistel cynes T2 JB. I like the updates but is there any way to go back to original rom as it was supplied with phone?

    1. I think OTG cable is just micro-usb to USB(i use it to connect keyboard, pendrive, mouse, etc to phone), so its not in the scene. MHL cables have one end micro usb, other end HDMI Female socket. My TV already have a cable out with male HDMI. So i think one end of MHL cable(micro-usb) goes into phone, other end( HDMI Female ) should be plugged into Cable out in my tv ( HDMI male).

      My phone is rooted but it have stock rom. The number you told in this post i tried and it works. I saw an option TV out. I think i have v2 rom as stock because i have two internal memories(1gb, 1.45gb). So will i have to flash another rom for it to work?

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