Effortless internet browser tips and tricks

Hi guys, if you want to surf on the internet then you must need to use any browsing software. There are lot of browsing software available for surfing on internet. There are few important browsing software just like internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. There are lot of tips and tricks available which is very helpful for us. Today we discuss about effortless internet browser tips and tricks .These Internet tips and tricks reduce our extra working time.

Effortless internet browser tips and tricks:

There are lot of internet browsing tips and trick available on the internet. But, in this article you will get few effortless internet browser tips and tricks.



Moving between fields of Web Page:

It is one of the most effortless internet browser tips and tricks. If you are reading any article or, filling any online form which have which have different fields you need to take cursor on each field. Most of the time person use mouse to move cursor on new location. But you can also use keyboard to quickly moving between the fields of web page. For this you can use Tab key to jump or switch next field and Shift+Tab key return back previous field.

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Quickly Scroll Webpage:

This is another example of effortless internet browser tips and tricks. During reading the article on any webpage most of the users drag button which is located in the vertical scroll bar. This vertical scroll bar located in the extreme right side of your window. You can also use wheel of your mouse or you can also use spacebar to quickly scroll down one screen of web page. You can also press Ctrl+Spacebar key to quickly scroll down your active webpage. If you want to scroll up the webpage quickly then press Shift+Spacebar shortcut key to switch the webpage.

Install add-ons and plugins:

There are lot of addons and plugins in each browsing software. It is widely used example of effortless internet browser tips and tricks. Most of the users, install these addons and plugins in his computer. These add-ons and plugins improve the efficiency of your browsing software. Normally add-ons come has different types while plugins are the programs of our computers that interface with the browsing software.

Open link in another tab:

During reading the webpage article, you will see different links on active webpage. Normally when you left click on these link your active webpage switch to another web page. If you want to return your previous web page then you have to click on back button. There is another quick way, if you have any link active web page then either press right mouse button on that link and click open link in new tab option. You can also press and hold down Ctrl key and then press left click on the link. Now, your webpage link open in another tab without switching original webpage.

Open New blank Tab window:

If you are working on any webpage any want to open another webpage then you must have to click on the new tab to open another blank tab window. If you want to quickly open another new blank tab window then you must press CTRL+T shortcut key. With the help of CTRL+T you can easily switch to another blank tab window.

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Quick open webpage:

Most of the person want to surf on the internet type complete URL in the address bar to open the required webpage. It is one of the main other example to use effortless internet browser tips and tricks. If someone not have good typing speed then he will take extra time for typing and opening the webpage. You can also quickly open any required web page by filling only the name of web page without typing www, http or .com and just press CTRL+ENTER key. e.g. If you want to open www.skyneel.com then just type skyneel in the address bar and press CTRL+ENTER to quickly open the www.skyneel.com webpage.

Use Browser Shortcuts:

There are lot of shortcut keys are available for your browser. There are few top browsing shortcuts are given which is useful for the users. Have a look:

To quickly add active web page in the bookmark: Press CTRL+D shortcut key.
To quickly increase the size of text of active web page: Press CTRL+ + shortcut key.
To quickly decrease the size of text of active web page: Press CTRL+ – shortcut key.
To quickly reset the size of enlarge or decrease text of active web page: Press CTRL+0 shortcut key.
To quickly refresh active web page: Press F5 or Press CTRL+R shortcut key.
To quickly move the cursor on address bar of active web page: Press CTRL+L or press ALT+D.
To quickly open the search box in the active web page: Press CTRL+F shortcut key.
To quickly switch screen on full page: Press F11 shortcut key.
To quickly close the current or active tab: Press Ctrl+W, or press Ctrl+F4 shortcut key.
To quickly reopen last closed tab: Press Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut key.
To quickly close active window with all opened tab: Press ALT+F4 shortcut key.

I hope you like effortless internet browser tips and tricks article. After reading this article your spending time will be reduced and you can easily use these tips and tricks. Kindly give your important suggestion regarding effortless internet browser tips and tricks article in the comment box. Share your knowledge with your friends, family members and others. Thanks to all.

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