Effortless Hindi Typing Special Character Code

We are facing lot of problems when anybody wants to type in the Hindi letters and special characters in our active document. This guide helps you to know how to do effortless hindi typing special character code.

To solve this kind of problem first you must need to load different Hindi fonts like DevLys fonts on your computer then start typing using given chart in Hindi.

Effortless Hindi Typing Special Character Code

Most of the person have to face lot of problems during learning the effortless hindi typing special character code. But there is no need to worry after reading this guide your problem will be solved. Now you can easily and quickly start effortless hindi typing special character codes.

Remington Keyboard

A typical Hindi typing keyboard with the Hindi font DevLys and Kruti Dev. These Hindi keyboard is specially used in the govt. Hindi typing examination such as LDC in Rajasthan, Data Entry Operator in different state. Most of the novice user who don’t know about the Hindi typing start to type Hindi characters by using Hindi typing tutor with the Hindi keyboard. These Hindi keyboard helps you to easily clear Hindi typing test in any govt. job examination.


With the help of Remington keyboard layout you can easily and quickly start learning of Hindi typing. If you fell any problem during typing and character in Hindi and don’t know how to type these special characters then either you have to use Character Map in which you got lot of key combination which is used by ALT+0XXX keys. These XXX keys are used only from the Numeric Keypad. To run “Character Map” in your computer Press WIN+R key to open the run box then type “charmap” then press enter key. It displays Character Map dialog box, you can select any Hindi font to view special codes for special Hindi characters.

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I would like to told you that all kind of Hindi font like Devlys, Kruti Dev, Mangal and many more font are available for free download from the internet. You can easily download and install these fonts and different styles in your computer and start Effortless Hindi Typing without any extra effort.

Effortless Hindi Typing Special Character Code

Types of Hindi font

  1. Legacy Hindi Font
  2. Unicode Hindi Font

Legacy Fonts:

Legacy Hindi fonts are those that we can use normally for Hindi typing like Devlys, Mangal, Kruti Dev, Chankya and many more. If you want to check that these Hindi fonts are legacy or not then you have to double click on these fonts. All we know very well that hindi typing is very tough for learning but it is widely used in India. So, first download these Hindi fonts from the internet and then read this article carefully and start typing in the Hindi.

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Unicode Hindi Font

You can use “Mangal” font in Hindi typing because it is a Unicode font. Lot of time when you are working online and watch Hindi characters on many websites these are Unicode fonts. You can easily check these these fonts are Unicode fonts or not by double clicking on these fonts. If you watch English characters then after double clicking then its prove that these are Unicode fonts. You have to use a special software with Mangal font, if you want to type in Hindi language.

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43 response on “Effortless Hindi Typing Special Character Code

  1. नितेश

    Krutidev10 का सभी कोड भेजिये, जैसे % जा सिम्बल कैसे आएगा, पॉइंट का सिम्बोल ऐसे ही सभी कोड भेजने की कृपा करें…

  2. Rakesh Kumar Ojha

    koi batayega
    ग्रह kaise likhenge. kyuki ‘xz’ se likhne se ग्र ban to jata hai lekin wo thik se nahi banta jaise hona chahiye.

  3. mkverma

    Sir Please btaye ki Hyphen (-) likhne k liye kruti dev pr kaise likhenge, with Alt key or other ex. mata-pita, aaj-kal, dhire-dhire. etc. Dash nhi hai.

  4. विवेक कुमार

    bhai koi mangal ke inskript ke sabhi prakar ke code janta ho to please send me

    as: जैसे पढ़ाई के नीचे की बिन्दी दो प्रकार से लगती है। एक तो सिफ्त के साथ ञ से दूसरी कैसे लगती है कोई तो बताओंं क्योंकि कई बार सही लिखने पर भी गलत बताता है सोफ्टवेयर

  5. bunty

    please koi ye bataye ki kurti dev 010 font me ” pra ” likhne ke liye code ka use karna hai ki bina code se bhi ho jaega .. aur agar ho jaega to kya ye test me sahi mana jaega … please koi batae

  6. अभिषेक मौर्य

    भाई लोग क्या कोई बता सकता है के —- पड़ा —- मंगल फांट से कैसे लिखा जा सकता है?
    प ड ़ ा कर के देखने में तो सही लग रहा परन्तु यह सही नहीे है।
    ड़ लिखने का तरीका बताये कृपया….

    1. Jitendra Singh

      पड़ा को मंगल फाॅन्ट में लिखने के लिये टाइप करें— h[ ]e कोष्ठक में स्पेस नहीं देना है।
      Jitendra Singh Bareilly (up)

  7. निरज स्वामी

    Can anybody help me to type vidyt in Hindin Inscript with Mangal font. विध्ुत कृप्या अपने विचार जरूर दे. धन्यावाद.

  8. pawan kumar

    Sir plz…tell me the special cracter of unicode inscript keyboard….plz help me sir bcz my exm is going on only 3 days…exm..द्व हृदय

    1. sonu

      just type
      small letter = o
      small letter = d
      small letter = b
      same for all …..
      important keyword are SMALL LETTER d use

  9. sumit nigam

    Sir mujhe Chandini front par typing test dena hai plz…help Hindi typing Unicode inscription pe hogi

  10. shreya

    Sir mujhe upp computer operator k a typing test r dena hai plz…help Hindi typing Unicode inscription pe hogi…ye kya hai kya ye mangal font hai?
    N special character Kaise lagenge like (‘”? Ye sab plz help

    1. tajendra dohare

      yes mangal font alag hota hai but easy hota hai with practice….
      mera b hai comp operator mai typing…

  11. rohit kumar

    मंगल फोंट के इनिस्क्रिप्ट के सभी सेमबल का कोड़ बता दीजिए मेरे मेल आई डी पर । और कृपा कृति देव का मत भेजिएगा।मंगल का कोड प्रश्नवाचक का कोड अल्ट के साथ 63दबाने पर आता है उसी तरह बाकी कोड भी जानना है।धन्यवाद!


    मंगल फोंट के इनिस्क्रिप्ट के सभी सेमबल का कोड़ बता दीजिए मेरे मेल आई डी पर । और कृपा कृति देव का मत भेजिएगा।
    मंगल का कोड प्रश्नवाचक का कोड अल्ट के साथ 63 दबाने पर आता है उसी तरह बाकी कोड भी जानना है।धन्यवाद!

    1. Megha Sati

      tell me how to type half letter (adha क,स,ब,…) in inscript hindi keyboard with mangal font

    2. ravikant Agarwal

      single quote by shift+8 and double quote by alt+0222 (opening inverted comma) and alt+0223 (closed inverted comma)


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